Get To Know Me

Hey Beauties and happy Friday!  Today's post is a little different from my daily posts on beauty. Today I want to answer 11 questions that will allow you all to get to know me a little better. So, without further ado, let's get to these questions. đŸ™‚ 1. What is your favorite color?  My favorite … Continue reading Get To Know Me


What Brushes Do I Use + Brush Tips

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday. I've talked about Makeup quite a bit on my blog, but I never talked about the brushes that I use. Brushes play an important role in how your makeup looks. Yes, you can use your fingers to blend to a certain extent, but brushes definitely take your makeup look to the … Continue reading What Brushes Do I Use + Brush Tips

Product Review: 786 Cosmetics Nail Polish

Hey Beauties and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was relaxing! Hopefully your week is just as great! As you can see from the title, today I'll be reviewing two nail polishes from the brand 786 Cosmetics. 786 Cosmetics is Vegan, Halal, Cruelty-Free and Wudu-Friendly which sparked my interest in this brand. This product is … Continue reading Product Review: 786 Cosmetics Nail Polish

Makeup Of The Day: Beach Day!

Hey Beauties! Happy Sunday! Hopefully your morning is going smooth and relaxing! I know some of you may be thinking "Why is she going to the beach in the middle of Fall?!" I promise I'm not crazy haha. Here in Florida our weather is in the high 80's (26 Degrees Celsius) and low 90's (32 … Continue reading Makeup Of The Day: Beach Day!

Product Review: Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer

Hey Beauties! Happy Saturday. I hope you guys are having a great morning! I want to share my review on this moisturizer because there are tons of mixed reviews on this! For every great review was a bad review that followed. The only way I would know if this is a great product was if … Continue reading Product Review: Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer

Where Did I Go?!

Hey Beauties!! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week so far. If you guys keep up with my posts, you will see that I've been gone on vacation from Sunday through Thursday. I wanted to take this time to spend time with my family (not that you guys aren't my family, but … Continue reading Where Did I Go?!

Going On Vacay!

Hey Beauties! Happy Sunday! I hope you guys enjoyed an extra hour of sleep today if you experienced the time change! I know I did đŸ™‚ I'm leaving for vacation today and I won't be back until Thursday, but my posts will resume on Friday!! I'll be putting up posts on traveling and vacation Makeup … Continue reading Going On Vacay!

I Tried A Black Peel Off Mask For $1 From WISH?!?! Full Review đŸ¤”

Hey Beauties! Happy Saturday! One more day until we welcome the weekend again!! I know you guys are probably familiar with Wish. It's an app that has extremely cheap products...the only catch is the shipping time is very long!! I decided to give this black mask a try because I LOVE peel off masks. It … Continue reading I Tried A Black Peel Off Mask For $1 From WISH?!?! Full Review đŸ¤”

Monthly Favorites: October 2018

Hey Beauties!! It's Thursday!!!!! We are one day away from welcoming the weekend. Today I want to share some of my favorites for the month of October. By the way, is it just me or did October go by wayyyyyyy to fast?! Well anyways, let's jump into the first product which is probably a big … Continue reading Monthly Favorites: October 2018

Tip Tuesday: Prepping Your Lips

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday! Have you ever applied lipstick to your lips and it wasn't a smooth application, your lipstick didn't last all day or the lipstick didn't look as rich in color as it did when you swatched it? Well, I have a few tips on how you can prep your lips before application. … Continue reading Tip Tuesday: Prepping Your Lips