Monthly Favorites: October 2018

Hey Beauties!! It's Thursday!!!!! We are one day away from welcoming the weekend. Today I want to share some of my favorites for the month of October. By the way, is it just me or did October go by wayyyyyyy to fast?! Well anyways, let's jump into the first product which is probably a big … Continue reading Monthly Favorites: October 2018


Tip Tuesday: Prepping Your Lips

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday! Have you ever applied lipstick to your lips and it wasn't a smooth application, your lipstick didn't last all day or the lipstick didn't look as rich in color as it did when you swatched it? Well, I have a few tips on how you can prep your lips before application. … Continue reading Tip Tuesday: Prepping Your Lips

How To: Rock The “No Makeup” Look WITHOUT Using Makeup!

Hey Beauties!! Happy Monday. Some of you may be a little confused with todays title. You may be thinking...Well, obviously you wouldn't use makeup for the "No Makeup" look. Right?! One of the trending makeup looks right now is the "No Makeup" look using makeup products or also known as the "Natural" look. I'm here … Continue reading How To: Rock The “No Makeup” Look WITHOUT Using Makeup!

MOTD: Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey Beauties!! Sorry for the late post! This evening I'd like to bring awareness to the month of October. I'm extremely shocked that a lot of women and men have no idea that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! As people, we should definitely stand together to support women who are going through this battle! … Continue reading MOTD: Breast Cancer Awareness

Face Mask Friday Review: L’oréal Yuzu Lemon Mask

Hey Beauties! Happy Friday! It's time to kick off the weekend with a relaxing face mask! Every Friday I'll try to post a Face Mask Friday Review or a DIY Face Mask because who doesn't love face masks?! 🙂 As you can already tell from the title, I'll be reviewing the Yuzu Lemon Mask by … Continue reading Face Mask Friday Review: L’oréal Yuzu Lemon Mask

🎀Wake Up And Makeup🎀

Hey Beauties! Happy Thursday! Today I want to share a look with you guys that will fool everyone into thinking you had a great night sleep!! Lol I'm a mom of two so there are no days off for me, but there's cold brew and makeup that can definitely make everything better. I could've probably … Continue reading 🎀Wake Up And Makeup🎀

Go Green 🌳

Hey Beauties!! I wanted to share a website with you guys because I know how much we all love cruelty free and vegan products. Not to mention, they smell amazing and supports small businesses!! This company is new and it will launch in November of this year. I'll link the website down below! Click Here … Continue reading Go Green 🌳

Let’s Talk About Eye Primers

Hey Beauties! Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, I posted How To: 5 Tips On Applying Dark Eyeshadows and one of the tips was to apply eye primer. If you're new to the Makeup World or you just need a little advice, then I'm here to help! So, today's topic is all about eye primers. 1. What Is … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Eye Primers

How To: 5 Tips On Applying Dark Eyeshadows

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday! I'm sure a lot of you guys have been rocking the darker eye looks and lipsticks. Today I'll be sharing a few tips that will help you create beautiful and flawless dark eyeshadow looks!! 1. Apply Eye Primer No matter what eye look you're trying to achieve, make sure to put … Continue reading How To: 5 Tips On Applying Dark Eyeshadows

Battle Of The Foundations: Fenty vs. Too Faced

Hey Beauties!! Happy Monday! If you guys have been following me and keeping up with my posts, then you'd know I'm very obsessed with the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Today I'll be comparing it to the Fenty Pro Filt'r Softe Matte Longwear Foundation (wow, that's a mouthful lol) and Too Faced Born This … Continue reading Battle Of The Foundations: Fenty vs. Too Faced