Fall Edition: Haircare Routine

Hey beauties and happy Monday! How was your weekend?! Ours consisted of shopping and watching the football game on Saturday night! So happy the Gators won!! Yippee. We’re also trying to get both of our kiddos to get over this gross cold going around. I was happy about all the snuggles. Haha

No hair routine is the same, but I thought I’d share mine because it works well. A little background of my hair is it’s pretty wavy/curly depending on the day. I recently cut off 6 inches because the ends of my hair were so damaged and I wanted to also add extra layers because my hair is very thick. So, if you have hair like mine then keep on reading to get an insight of my hair routine!

Just like any routine of mine, I found that keeping it pretty simple is what works for me! I love it this way because it doesn’t take much time and it doesn’t take much products which means that I get to save money. Who doesn’t love that?!

Knot free hair!

Ok, I know we all have knots in our hair and if you don’t then you are seriously blessed! Before I even get in the shower on the days that I wash my hair I always take a wide tooth comb and run it through my hair. There’s a technique that I use…well not really a technique, but making sure to run a comb beginning from the bottom of my hair and I work my way to the top. This is seriously the most pain free way to get rid of the knots.

Let warm water run on my hair

Just as I let the steam from the warm water open my pores on my skin before I cleanse, same goes for my hair. This is the way that I make sure my scalp is getting pretty clean.

Shampoo Twice

Why would I shampoo twice you may ask?! I don’t have the answer, I just know it works well for my hair. The first time around that I shampoo my hair gets my hair clean, but the second time around just feels much cleaner. Am I the only one that does this?

Wash with warm water

I always wash shampoo off with warm water to make sure I’m cleaning my hair well.

Condition time!

Ok, I only condition my hair once because that’s enough for my hair. When I condition, I like to start from the mid section of my hair to my ends and whatever is left is what I work into my roots with. I usually like to comb the conditioner through with a wide tooth comb and I swear this helps the frizz, knots and tangles. When I wash the conditioner off, I turn the water to the coldest temperature it can get to and this just helps close the cuticles and help with frizz and shininess. Who doesn’t love healthy looking hair?!

Add a leave in

This is optional, but as of recently I started really adding oils and sprays into my hair when it’s damp. I find that it helps my hair dry into a decent state and not turn into a frizz ball. I don’t use a blow dryer by the way. I just hate the way it leaves my hair looking.

So, now that you have the general routine that I follow, here are the products that I use. Again, this works for me, but it may not work for you. With that being said, you can definitely follow the routine, but you may want to switch up a few products.

  • Shampoo: TRESemmé Moisture Rich
  • Conditioner: TRESemmé Moisture Rich
  • Leave in Hair oil: Zatik Hair Serum with Black Seed and Argan
  • TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray

That is seriously all I do for my hair care routine. I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days and I find it works for me.

My hair after it dries with no heat to it!

Now, I usually do a hair treatment once a week or so and the only thing I do for that is heat a spoonful of coconut oil until it’s warm. I then massage it into my scalp and ends of my hair. Leave it on for however long I can and follow the same haircare routine above.

This routine is perfect for my hair and it wasn’t sponsored by TRESSemé, I just find that I get really great results with their hair products.

This concludes today’s post! I hope you found it helpful! Look out for a Fall Edition: Skincare Routine post on Wednesday! I think you guys will love it.

What are some of your favorite hair masks? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Fall Edition: Haircare Routine

  1. Very, very interesting! Why do you cool down the water during the conditioning process? I have super thick, wavy hair and I only do one shampoo and condition, but I do use a lot of product! I definitely use a leave-in afterwards that’s like a serum for the hair. I should totally do the coconut oil treatment, I’m sure my hair could use it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly I seen this on a youtube channel about 5 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. Supposedly it locks the moisture in or something? Idk but it works! Coconut oil treatments are amazing! My family has been doing it for ages and now it’s “trending” lol

      Liked by 1 person

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