Friday’s Question #4

Hey Beauties and welcome back to another Friday’s question! I look forward to Friday’s and not only because it’s Friday and that means the weekend, but because I get to have random conversations with amazing bloggers!

I decided to base today’s topic around back to school season

Question: What is something you do to ensure that you have a productive day?

Answer: Ok, so many of you know my 4 year old will be attending Pre-k this school year so it’s new to me and I’m sure it’ll switch my regular routine around quite a bit. I still want to make sure I have a productive day because it feels good to check off lists of accomplishments. Although a part of my day will be taken up by my daughter’s schooling (which I don’t mind at all), I will make sure to get a morning coffee every morning because the caffeine seriously gets me through the day. I will also be doing my makeup almost everyday because for some reason I feel the most productive when I feel put together. Am I the only one!? Let me know in the comments below! I have also been waking up pretty early for the past couple of weeks and I find that I get so much more done because there’s something about early morning peacefulness that allows you to get so much done. Anyways, that’s my lengthy answer. Haha.

Don’t forget to comment below with your answers and let the Friday convos begin!

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  1. I missed Friday but I am still tuning in! Amost every morning before I even get out of bed, I put a pillow under my back (like a skinny long pillow) and snooze for another 10-15 face-up with my shoulders and chest sort of arched back laying on top of the pillow. It helps loosen the tension in my neck, shoulders, and lower back?? It feels good. That’s the point–I try to do something that feels good physically. I try to stretch every day too, since I turned 40 this is really for my own good and well worth it. I like that you always get such various responses. Thanks!

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    • No worries! Thanks for still making it to our Friday convos! That does sound lovely. I will make sure to try this out tomorrow because doing a stretch does help me gain energy and put me in a calm mood in the morning. I usually do a 10 minute power workout in the mornings! Have you ever tried a power workout? I love it because I can tell a difference in my mood and for some reason it inspires me to eat healthier throughout the day!! Lol. I love Friday Questions because I as well love seeing all the different answers. It’s really interesting and it gives me new ideas. πŸ™‚


  2. For me it’s just having a clear idea of what I need or want to get done that particular day. I can usually keep myself on track, unless some significant distractions occur. I don’t always have to make lists to be productive, I find, but they definitely do help.

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  3. We liked it cause the place we stayed at was family friendly, right on the private beach…nice and quiet, Daytona shires, that is. We went in 2005, I’m sure it’s not the same. Nothing ever stays the same.

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    • I agree! That’s considered South Daytona and it’s where my family prefers as well. Less crowded. We stayed there last year and it wasn’t the same. Everything was outdated. I hope they do a revamp on the place. It used to be a gorgeous hotel. If you go a bit further to the inlet. They have an awesome restaurant, lighthouse and tons of great views.

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      • Yes it is! Oh my goodness I agree completely with you. Sometimes we just drive to Daytona just because it’s always a great time. They have a great breakfast diner there called Neptunes I believe. Next time you go, check it out. The food is so cheap and really delicious. Yumm


  4. I also make lists and get up super early. I’m in bed no later than 830. When I get my blog posts done and uploaded and have added pics to my picfair page, I for the most part feel I’ve accomplished a lot! After that, the day is usually a breeze.
    I don’t wear make up, feel that I don’t need it. Being a country girl and doing the country things I do, any make up would be gone in 15 minutes.

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  5. I make lists too! And usually will highlight things I have to get done that day, or write deadlines by it so I know what to prioritize. It can be overwhelming sometimes when the list gets long, but crossing stuff off really gives that physical recognition of something is done! Coffee or tea is a must for me, and a bit of exercise or a walk with the dogs helps get my body awake and ready!

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    • Lol glad I’m not the only one! I make unnecessary lists just for the checking off the items. I like the exercise tip too. I try to work in a 10 minute power workout every morning when I wake up and it does keep your energy up


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