Product Review: Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara

Hey Beauties and happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Mine went pretty well. We’ve just been prepping for back to school which is quickly approaching us!

Today’s review is on the Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara which was highly requested on Instagram! I love Too Faced products. From their foundation down to their mascara I love. I was so excited to test this mascara out because I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on this one.

How much is it?

This mascara is priced at $25 which is the average price of a high end mascara. There is also a travel sized version of this mascara and it’s only $13. I’m so happy that they offer a travel sized version because it not only allows you to throw it in your makeup bag, but you can also test it out without buying the full sized version.

Cruelty Free?

It is cruelty free. 🙂

How many shades do they offer?

This mascara only comes in black. I’m not to sure if they’ll offer any other colors as of right now.


Oh my goodness I love this packaging and it’s seriously amazing what they did. It is shaped as if a bunch of crystals magnetized onto the bottle. I love the pink metallic shade. Super feminine yet so bold which I love. It also has a shape that makes it super comfortable to hold in your hand.


This wand reminds me so much of the Better than sex mascara and everyone knows that mascara is one of my all time favorite mascaras! With that being said, I love the wand and I’m so pleased they did this. The only difference is they added a lot more different lengths to this mascara. Both big and small. I believe they did this because alot of people have had complaints on Better than sex going on to clumpy. This mascara wand is new and improved.


This formula also reminds me so much of the Better Than Sex mascara except less messy. Usually when I pull the wand from the better than sex mascara it has a bit to much mascara which I don’t mind because I just wipe the excess on the corner of the tube. The Damn Girl Mascara doesn’t do that at all. It comes out as a clean brush free of excess mascara.


The application is pretty spot on except for the inner corner lashes. To solve this problem, I just turn the brush vertically and the bristles make it easy for me to coat them. I also love the blackness of the mascara because it’s seriously looks amazing when it’s on. No need for falsies.


The wear of this mascara is pretty long. It’s easy to remove with a bit of coconut oil. Being that it isn’t waterproof, I don’t suggest you cry with this mascara on. Haha

How does Too Faced describe Damn Girl?

Damn Girl’s revolutionary creamy mousse formula was developed with a special blend of whipped melting waxes that deliver an immediate full load of extreme volume without a heavy feel. Innovative polymers keep lashes flexible while lifting, lengthening, and locking-in 24 hours of smudge-and flake-resistant curl.

Exclusive dual-fiber “Infinity Brush” hugs, lifts, and curls

Short bristles load the formula

Long bristles dispense product evenly

Delivers shocking volume, outrageous curl, and shamelessly thicker lashes






Deep Black Color Intensity

This groundbreaking formula has been injected with air and is already fully loaded. Do Not Pump.

Too Faced Website

Final Thoughts:

It now makes sense on how this mascara is. I love the reasoning behind the short and long bristles. This mascara will definitely give you a falsies look or at least it did for me. I appreciate Too Faced for making this mascara because I think it will be the new #1 selling mascara in the US. I think this mascara will also make everyone say Damn Girl when they see how beautiful your lashes look.

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Have you tried this mascara out before? What are your thoughts on it? Were they the same as mine or different? Let me know in the comment section!

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  1. Omg the packaging is definitely cutee! Wow!
    Your lashes definitely look stunning! I have such bad luck with a lot of mascaras that even the ones that are super hyped dont end up working for me. If I ever try this I hope it does. I also have the better than sex one in my stash, unopened, just because i have so many mascaras from boxes so hopefully that one is ok lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohh was very intrigued to hear more about this mascara! I was a big fan of the Better Than Sex years ago, but haven’t tried a TF mascara since. Do you also put it on your lower lashes? They look amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I love!! If you like the brush of the Better Than Sex Mascara then you’ll have no issue with this. That’s the only complaint I’ve been seeing with this mascara. I do put this on my lower lashes, but I prefer a different wand so I can get the corners of my lashes easier.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning!
      Great question. I would definitely have to say this mascara is my new favorite. The wands are quite similar, but I feel like Damn Girl has both little and big bristles which work together to coat your lashes and also define them.

      Liked by 1 person

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