Friday’s Question #3

Hey beauties and happy Friday!!! Thank you to all of you who have been joining in for our Friday Question of the days!! It has seriously been awesome getting to know a little bit about you guys and you guys being able to learn new things about other bloggers!

I think today’s question of the day should be a general one since my followers aren’t only targeted towards makeup!


What is your ideal vacation?! Beach vacations, Adventurous vacations, food vacations, picture oriented vacations, or one idea of your own. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Answer:

There are 2 types of my ideal vacation depending on the time of the year and the destination. One of my types of vacation are to kick it back at the beach with a pina colada and a nice beach view doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and indulging in delicious food. For this type of vacation I love to go on cruises because I can do just that!

My second type of vacation is more of an adventure which involves alot of exploring, waking up super early, not putting to much thought in looking cute, but more comfy. I love these types of vacations when I’m traveling to somewhere more in the city with not much water surrounding the places.

Go ahead and leave your answer below and let’s have great conversations! ๐Ÿ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Friday’s Question #3

  1. Your answer made me realize I also have 2 versions, one with my husband and kids and one with just me and my husband! I would go to the city with the kids and to the lake with the husband. Either place requires a nice hotel and lots of eating out bc I love exploring food establishments and NO cooking, cleaning, planning groceries!

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    1. I love this because it’s seriously a win-win! Your kids probably enjoy that they can use full energy. Haha and then your hubby and you can have a little more one on one. Idk there’s something about water that makes the vibe turn a bit more relaxing and romantic. Especially if it’s just hubby and you. Yes eating out is a must! That’s one of the things I look forward to the most. The no cooking, cleaning, etc… I live for it. Haha. It’s so funny because whenever I get back from vacay, the first thing I say is ugh I have to make up my bed and clean? Lmao!


  2. I love city vacations where itโ€™s easy to explore and get around without having to rent a car, take public transit, etc. Iโ€™m less of a beach vacay kinda person mainly because the sun hates me, and I burn so easily! Earlier this year we went to Austin, Texas just because for 4 days and it was amazing!

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      1. Yes, I live in a suburb of NYC so Iโ€™m def more of a city person in general. Food in Austin was great! Theyโ€™re known for their food trucks ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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      2. That’s awesome. I was born in Queens, New York and I love the city as well. There’s a different feel in New York that I love. Yummm food truck food is always amazing and so unique, not to mention the massive portion sizes haha

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