Friday’s Question #2

Hey Beauties and happy Friday!

I hope you all had an amazing week and what better way to kick it off then with a topic! So today’s topic is

“What made you start blogging??”

My answer to this is:

I started blogging because I loved DulceCandy’s blog and I always wanted to have one to document all my makeup looks and also to help you all learn new tips and get inspired just as I was!

Comment down below with your answer to this question and let’s get this Friday conversation started!!

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  1. I respect your energy. Wow. And thank you for the question! I don’t know why I am blogging, really. I love to write. So I just thought I’d try it. I thought I would just post some poetry but I didn’t realize what it was really about. I still post poetry but I am surprised to find this thing pretty addicting.
    I don’t wear makeup. ??? 😁

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    • Thank you so much. A good coffee and a great day keeps my energy up. Haha that’s a good enough answer for me. I honestly hated to write in high school and I would never think I’d become a blogger. As the years go by, I found myself falling in love with writing. Although I’m not the best at it, I’m working towards perfection, but that’s the beauty of a blog…it doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s your own. Haha I don’t only post about makeup, I post about food on some days, traveling, etc… I like to switch it up from time to time. Keep up your poetry writing because many people love it and can relate. Have a great Tuesday!


  2. I started blogging because I wanted to engage with people over my favorite topic – makeup! I wanted to learn from them as much as they (hopefully) learn from me. I’ve also been passionate about writing for years, and really enjoy the process of putting a post together and organizing my thoughts.

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  3. I started blogging because I love writing. I wanted to share my life experiences with you all and I believe this is the best way to do so. I hope my writing inspires, motivates, enlightens, and gives people hope! ❤🌞🦋🌻

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  4. I started blogging because I loved breaking the silence and speaking my mind out. And since I’m not on any other social media sites, what better way to express my thoughts out than blogging. I love a productive and healthy lifestyle and sharing management skills. Hence, DuskQueen came to being. Btw, I love your blog Aleeya.

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    • Those are all great topics for a blog! Healthy living is trending right now and I’m so happy it is! It is never to late to live a healthier lifestyle. It not only makes you feel better on the inside, but it also radiates on the outside as well! That’s awesome that you don’t have any other social media sites because you really don’t need it. I’ve been running my blog without social media for over 3 years. I only recently activated back my instagram a little over a week ago. Happy blogging!

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  5. I tried blogging years ago but I just couldn’t find my voice to tell my story in a way that felt right to me. But what finally got me started was seeing what was happening to our voices on social media. Our friends were lost to us the control of our wall and friends was slowly taken away. So I decided enough of this rubbish. I needed to speak my mind without the snowflakes taking offense to my musings on the world as I see it today. Well that is why I began to build a blog presence and be free to really be me again. And I must say I couldn’t be happier with my decision to start blogging. For me it is a real and genuine space to create and ponder the world. The world I travel and the things that inspire and effect me.

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