5 Clothing Items You Need to Have For Summer

Hey beauties and happy Monday! I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and looking forward to a great week ahead. If you missed my travel blog posts to Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai, make sure to head on over to my blog and check them out!

Summer time has to be one of my favorite seasons of the year because of all the fun in the sun, beach days, vacations, etc… It can also be annoying because of the heat. Down here in Florida, it has been in the 90s which is insanely hot.

In this post I’ll be listing my top 5 staple clothing items to have in your closet to look cute while still staying cool!

1. Denim shorts

This is a no brainer! If you’re anything like me then you love jeans! It goes with everything, it’s cute, comfy and it keeps you cool! There’s so many different designs of jean shorts. Lace trimming, distressed, prints, etc…

2. Little dress

Just as everyone should have a little black dress in their wardrobe, a little dress for summer is also a staple. It can be any color, fit, long, short, etc… just any dress because you can easily dress it up or down and it will definitely keep you cool while also keeping you cute.

3. Cute Hat

The sun is amazing for a tan, but it can also be damaging as well. A hat is not only a super cute accessory to add to any summer outfit, but it also does a great job of protecting the skin. You can rock a baseball styled cap for a more sporty look or you can rock a cute sun hat to brunch! Whatever you choose, I’m sure it’ll be cute.

4. Skirt

Skirts, just as dresses are a cute addition to your wardrobe is perfect for summer. I love the look of a maxi skirt with a slightly cropped shirt. I also love the look of a tank top and a denim skirt. This is a seriously easy and cute look.

5. Kimonos

I am very into the Kimono trend for summer because it’s so cute and makes it seem like you put so much effort into your outfit when you really didn’t. Kimonos paired with a body con dress is a perfect brunch/shopping look. You can even use it as a light coverup at the beach.

This concludes today’s blog post! What are some of your staple pieces for Summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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    • I seriously live in these especially when I’m on a time crunch. I also think it’s super cute and adds a cute touch without making you sweat like crazy! Lol. A hat is a great investment and it’s forgiving on bad hair days. Haha. Happy Monday! Have a great day. πŸ™‚

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