How To: Rock The “No Makeup” Look WITHOUT Using Makeup

Hey Beauties!! Happy Friday! I hope you all had an amazing week!

Some of you may be a little confused with todays title.

You may be thinking…Well, obviously you wouldn’t use makeup for the “No Makeup” look. Right?!

One of the trending makeup looks right now is the “No Makeup” look using makeup products or also known as the “Natural” look.

I’m here to give you guys a few tips to rock the “No Makeup look” using No makeup!! 🙂 So, if you’d love to achieve the trending “No Makeup” look then read on!!

1. Good Skincare

Most of you probably have a great skincare routine down. If you don’t, stick to the basics (Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Serum). Also, if you just spend 4 minutes a day to focus on your skincare routine, it’ll make a BIG difference. 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night is all it takes.

2. Eat Healthy

I’m not saying to give up your unhealthy foods. I still eat fried foods from time to time. Instead, just slowly cut down on the unhealthy foods you eat. Whatever you consume will reflect on your skin and also the way you feel. Try to eat more Fruits and Veggies as they have tons of benefits for your skin and body. It’ll give you a glow without using highlighter. Maybe even clear some of the acne you may have so you can say bye to foundation and concealer.

3. Hakuna Matata

It means no worries for the rest of your days!! So, stop stressing!! I know, easier said than done right? Well try your hardest because when you stress, it causes your skin to go crazy. Less stress can lead to better sleep and better sleep can have benefits on dark circles. It’ll also allow your skin to repair and you’ll just feel better all-around.

4. Go Coconuts!!

Coconut oil has been used forever!! Not only does it add a great flavor to food, but also has great skin benefits and promotes hair growth. Every night, brush a little coconut oil through your brows and eyelashes. Maybe even some on your lips to ensure they’re moisturized and plump. It’ll also promote hair growth to your brows and lashes so say bye to brow and lash products!

5. Goodbye Dullness

Exfoliating will allow your natural glow to make its presence. I exfoliate about twice a week. It’ll help your skincare products work even better because exfoliating removes the dead skin and allows the products to penetrate into your face easier!

6. Confidence Is Important

Always remember that nobodys skin is perfect. No matter what, everyone has experienced a bad skin day. From breakouts, changing skin, large pores, dry patches, Oily skin, etc… so quit being so harsh on yourself!

Here’s my “No Makeup” look!!

🎀Today, I challenge you to rock the “No Makeup” look!!

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips! Also, if you’re reading this…..


If you made it this far then thanks for reading!

Today’s topic will be Food! So the question of the day is…If you could eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be.

My answer: Definitely Mediterranean food because there are so many options, it’s healthy and most importantly…so delicious!

I hope you all have a great day and don’t forget to leave your comments down below!

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13 thoughts on “How To: Rock The “No Makeup” Look WITHOUT Using Makeup

    1. Thank you so much! I still have flaws such as acne scarring and I wish my skin was alot more brighter, but coconut oil has to be one of my must haves for my skincare Routine because it’s amazing! I even use it on my lashes, and brows. It works wonders

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