Our Last Day In Dubai

Hey Beauties and happy Friday! I hope you all have been enjoying my traveling blog posts! If you’ve missed any of them, make sure to head on over to my blog and read them! We traveled from Orlando, Florida to Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai!

Today’s post will be the last post in my travel series and then we’ll get back to makeup blog posts which I’m sure many of you all have been missing.

Today in Dubai we decided to head on over to the highly talked about Jumeirah. The drive there wasn’t too far and of course we headed to the mall first and it was huge. We stopped by the aquarium because my kids are really into sea life.

There was tons of designer stores and one of the floors had designer clothing for just children.

We had Wendy’s for lunch and then headed outside to see the Burj Khalifa. It is such a massive building and very eye catching. There was even a water show, but it was way to hot.

When we left there, we decided to visit the spice market and it was beautiful aside from the Haggling. Everyone was trying very hard to sell scarves, fake bags, etc…

We decided to head back to the hotel since it was getting pretty late.

The last day we spent in Dubai, we decided to head over to Abu Dhabi to check out the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It was definitely grand. The light fixtures, detail, etc… was beyond beautiful. They really put alot of detail into it. I wore one of the Kaftans that I purchased at the Gold Souk and I was thankful the wind was blowing that day because it was very hot.

Don’t worry if you don’t have proper attire for the mosque, they will provide you with a gown before you go into the mosque. If you haven’t visited it, make sure you do because it is truly beautiful!

Because our flight was early the next morning, we decided to explore the gold souk one last time and head back to get packing.

At the airport, the kids had so much fun and my daughter found the biggest nutella container!

All in all, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai was 3 very beautiful places and I would highly recommend to visit. There’s so much culture, great people, amazing views and delicious food everywhere you turn. I was blown away and very amazed at how big our world is. So, if you are on the fence about traveling?! I say go for it because it is truly amazing!

As always, leave a comment down below with any suggestions that you may have for future blog posts!


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