4 Days In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part 2

Hey Beauties and happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a great day! If you missed reading part 1 to this blog post you can click Here to check it out so you’re updated!

After we took a nap that turned into an early night sleep, we woke up and got ready for our next adventure! Today we wanted to try J.Co Donuts and Coffee because we heard nothing but good reviews on it. The donuts were SO cute and quite delicious. I didn’t try the coffee unfortunately but I’m a bit glad I didn’t. Since it was quite early still, we explored the other side of the hotel and we found a super cute hole in the wall restaurant. I forgot the name, but the locals called it a “Mama Kadai Shop” so that’t what we started calling it. They gave us iced coffee in a bag with a straw and there was a string attached to the back so you can hang it on your wrist. Let me just say that I am wanting one as I’m typing this because it’s seriously the best coffee ever! I have no idea what coffee they use, but it’s so delicious and the milk they use makes the coffee so creamy and absolutely delicious.

Once the shoppes starting opening up, we headed over to Putra Mosque because it was something that everyone suggested us to go see. They were absolutely right about this mosque being so beautiful. The architecture was beyond stunning, the environment was peaceful and we met great people. The only downside to this was that it was so humid and hot! The time of the day that we went was Friday during Jummah (Friday prayer) so it was when the sun was right above beaming down fully. There was no wind blowing. I would definitely recommend coming to this mosque when the clouds are out or even when the sun is going down. I drank about 8 coconut waters because it was super hot, but the beauty of the mosque was worth it in the end.

When we left the mosque, we stopped off at a fruit stand because we didn’t want to eat food, we wanted something refreshing. The man at the stand was so kind and he let us try many different fruits. Some that we hadn’t even heard of. We stocked up on tons of fruits and ate it on the car ride back to the hotel.

We spent that evening in the pool and the park at the hotel because it was so big and beautiful. The view from the pool is breathtaking with all the flags and buildings surrounding.

The next day was our last day in Malaysia which was definitely bitter-sweet because Malaysia is such a beautiful country filled with such beautiful people, culture and great food. Today we agreed to have an eventful day, but first we headed to Mama Kadai to have some amazing iced coffees and the kids had iced Milo.

We grabbed a taxi and we headed to the Pavillion mall first and let me just say that the mall was massive. It was filled with both high end stores as well as affordable, but the architecture of everything was breathtaking.

When we left the mall, we decided to take a walk back to our hotel as it wasn’t to far apart. The shoppes were super cute. We stopped off at a few different gift shops along the way. My husband found a Turkish icecream stand and I really wish the kids weren’t napping at this moment because it was hilarious! Haha they tease you when they hand your icecream to you. It was quite the experience.

It didn’t take to long after our walk and we decided to head over to the Petronas tower to see this beautiful building that’s highly talked about. When we arrived, it was definitely massive. There was a few people selling a lens for your phone so you’re able to get the whole building in one picture. I took a few pictures and the pictures really don’t do the building justice.

Inside of this building is a mall and it was awesome. I believe every mall in Malaysia is definitely worth it because of all the variety.

We also stopped off for some lunch as we burned so many calories today.

Before we left the Petronas towers, I really wanted to test out their premium restroom so I payed 2 Ringgits (50 cents USD) to use a premium restroom. It was definitely worth the money because the restroom was super clean and they gave wet towlettes as well. When it came time to wash your hands, there was a lady standing by the sink that pumped hand soap into your hands and wiped your hands dry after washing it. It was nice to feel VIP. Haha.

After that great experience, we headed back to the hotel and we decided to pack our bags for our next flight tomorrow. There was a laundry service that our hotel provided and it was definitely worth it because it saved us from buying so much clothes.

Stay tuned for the next blog post of why our Vietnam trip ended up in a Singapore trip.

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