4 Days In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part 1

Hey Beauties and happy Monday! As promised, today’s post is about how we spent our time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We landed in Kuala Lumpur around 8AM which was about 8PM our time. On the flight from Dubai to KL we took a great nap and it was quite refreshing. We took some hilarious photos on the flight and I was able to capture the sunrise which was absolutely stunning.

After going through Immigration and claiming our luggages, we took a taxi to our hotel for the next few days which was Berjaya Times Square hotel. The hotel was beautiful and the best part was the fact that it was inside of a mall which made me beyond excited as I wanted to get some shopping done in Malaysia.

Naturally, after checking into our room, we unloaded our luggages, freshened up and headed out to the mall attached to the hotel to hunt down some food. My husband and I agreed that our first meal would be KFC because for some reason KFC tastes a lot better internationally then the ones in America. After a couple minutes, we found the KFC and we were all ecstatic.

We ordered A few pieces of chicken, cheese fries, a Pepsi and of course the kids wanted the oreo cone that KFC had because they weren’t hungry…just hungry for dessert. Whatever, they’re on vacation!! 🙂

We made so much new discoveries inside the mall! There was a roller coaster inside!!! How much more insane can this mall get?! I can’t wait till our kids get older so the next time they visit, they can ride the rides offered in the mall. There was so much restaurants, shopping, cute things that it was a bit surreal that we were in Malaysia!

It didn’t take long before the kids, my husband and I was hit by the time change so we all agreed to head back to the room and take a power nap which was well needed.

Before we knew it, the sun went down and it was about 7PM Malay time which is about 7AM our time…we were ready to explore the outdoors!

While exploring the outdoors, we came across a night market. There was tons of food places, people…and COCONUTS!

I love coconuts so of course I got one and with the exchange, it was only 50 cents US! I was so happy to hear that because I’d be able to indulge in all the coconuts I’d want. For some reason my husband and I weren’t the hungriest so we just indulged in all the fresh juices they were selling. Every juice you could think of was there, but of course we went for the orange juice for an extra boost of Vitamin C!

At around 12 AM (12 PM our time) we headed back to the hotel and took quick showers and went fast asleep. Being that the kids were still on our time in Orlando, they woke up around 4 AM (4PM our time) so we just started our day at that time! Haha. It was great seeing how everything was prepped in Malaysia because it was so orderly.

We went ahead and explored the hotel part of where we stayed since nowhere was open. This place was even more beautiful because there was so much artwork everywhere and we ran into a breakfast buffet at the “Big Apple Restaurant” in the hotel. It was a bit pricey for Malaysian prices (about $18USD per person) but we were on vacation so we decided to splurge a bit. The buffet was great and unfortunately the pictures we took of the food erased which sucks so bad, but the layout was beautiful. I quickly found what my favorite thing in the buffet was…the iced coffee. It was the first coffee I had since being in Malaysia and I was very thankful that the coffee was beyond amazing!

This day we decided to get a Taxi and head on over to Genting Highlands, Malaysia which is in the mountains! My husband and I have been showing our kids videos on Youtube about Genting for months and now we were able to see it in real life! On the way to the mountains, we seen a lot of cute little monkeys and dogs. The birds in Malaysia are also gorgeous and so colorful. Our taxi driver was telling us many stories on some of the drives he took to Genting Highlands. One that caught me by surprise was he seen a lion in the middle of the road!!!!

We finally got to the part of Genting Highlands where you’d take a cable car the rest of the way. There was an option when we were buying the tickets to have a glass bottom on our cable car, but I was wayyyy too scared. Haha. So we took the regular option. The kids were free admission which was nice. They took our picture before we went on the cable car and once more when we were in the cable car. The journey up the mountains was soooo beautiful and also a bit scary! I’m not entirely scared of heights, but the Genting Highlands are pretty high. We took tons of pictures on the way up. There was a few stops on the way up, but we stopped off at the point of “Skytropolis” and the kids had no idea about this! When we got off the cable car, we had the option of buying our pictures in this cool liquid frame and of course we did. It was fun to do tourist things like buying over priced pictures. Haha.

They had the most priceless face ever when they seen all the rides! We purchased an unlimited rides wristband for them to play on a few rides and they had so much fun! My husband and I even went zip lining and it was so fun!

After the kids and even us adults had so much fun playing the games in the arcade and riding the rides, we took the cable car back down to the bottom of the mountain and took more great pictures of the view. We were greeted by our amazing taxi driver when we got to the bottom of the mountain. After great conversation, we reached our hotel and after our shower we took a nap! That nap turned out to be a great early night sleep.

Part 2 of our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip is up so make sure to check it out Here.

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