The Comeback

Hey Beauties and happy Wednesday!!

I’m back and in full effect! A lot has happened since I’ve been gone and I will definitely update you guys as the weeks go on!

Why have you been gone so long many may ask? Well, it’s nothing serious, I just mainly wanted to take a break to get my creative juices flowing. I also wanted to take a break to spend time with my family as well. I don’t know about you parents out there, but kids grow up way to fast. My son is already a year and half and my daughter is 4 which is insane! I’ll take any suggestions on how to keep my kids small for a longer time. Haha.

My family and I went on an amazing trip in mid April and I can’t wait to share my experience with you guys! It was my first big international trip as well as my husband and our two kids! Keep checking in to hear all about it.

I also wanted to share a new schedule that I’ll be testing out so that I can stay consistent with posts and not overwhelm myself because I tend to do that quite a bit. I came up with the idea of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule to ensure that I’m posting regularly and this way you all will know exactly when to look out for new posts. If I do any bonus postings, it most likely will be on the weekend. I can’t wait to give you a little insight on my life, makeup world, and get to know each and everyone of you a little more!

As always, make sure to follow my blog to keep up with my posts and don’t be shy to leave a comment with any suggestions! I’m open to all.

*This post is not sponsored*



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