Can These Products Withstand The Heat?!

Good morning beauties and happy Monday!!! This past weekend, we had 90 degree Fahrenheit weather so I decided to put some new products to the test. The first product I put to the test was Loreal True Match because it’s such an affordable foundation and I heard many good things on it.
  • Application: This foundation applies evenly and dries down to a semi-matte which I love because it adds a healthy glow.
  • 90 degree test: After a long day of being out in the Sun, this foundation wore off on my nose and oiled up in some areas. It didn’t look that bad though which was great.
  • Rate: 7/10
The next product I tested out was the Xtension plus skyline mascara by Marcelle. I was looking up many reviews on it and majority of them were good, but I didn’t see any feedback on how it withstands heat.
  • Application: This mascara applied evenly and fully coated my lashes in one swipe. I love the wand because it’s long and thin so I can get very detailed with not only my top lashes, but also the bottom.
  • 90 degree test: This mascara didn’t melt off, and it held up well with my sweat. Haha. I don’t believe this mascara is waterproof, but it should be called a waterproof mascara because I think it is.
  • Rate: 9/10
Next, I went ahead and tried the Eyeko skinny liquid liner because as you all know, I love a winged Liner for everyday!
  • Application: This Liner didn’t go on very easily because it skipped. The way I got this Liner to work is by holding the corner of my eye and then it worked.
  • 90 degree test: There was some transfer with this Liner which sucked because it made me conscious about my makeup.
  • Rate: 4/10
This was so much fun to do because many products can be great, but can it withstand the heat?!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If there any products that you’d like me to perform the “Heat Testmake sure to let me know in the comments! I’d love to do it for you guys.

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