Gift Ideas For The Girl/Boy Who Has Everything

Hey Beauties and happy Monday!! I hope you’re having a great morning. It’s chilly here in Florida so I made a hot cup of ginger green tea which was so yummy. This past weekend we completed our Christmas shopping which was so awesome because we usually complete Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve!!

It inspired me to write this post because Christmas shopping isn’t the easiest thing. Sometimes it’s so stressful, especially if you have to shop for someone who has everything. 

I compiled a list of items you can gift that person if you’re still having a hard time finding a gift. Everyone can use a helping hand this Christmas!

1. Cups, Mugs, Glasses

This is such a simple item that everyone uses and I know what you’re thinking…A cup?! So basic. To make your cup gift stand out, get a monogrammed cup or even a personalized glass so the person you’re gifting this item to has a cup that they don’t have to share. To add another level of cuteness, add some candy or chocolate, maybe even that persons favorite drink. If they love a specific food or beverage shop, add a gift card.

2. Painting/Picture

Even if you aren’t an artsy type of person, this is such a simple, but meaningful gift. Everyone has a hobby or a place they enjoy. If you find a way to place these things in a painting or picture, it would be something so speical to you and the person that’s receiving this gift. 

3. A Memory Box full of goodies

This is a really cool gift because instead of wrapping boxes that end up in the recycling bin, try to find a cool box that the person you’re gifting these items to can use. It doesn’t have to be a big box either. 

4. Subscription Box

If the person you have to shop for loves makeup, food, clothing, etc… you can never go wrong with a subscription box. I love subscription box and a recommendation would be to extend the subscription box for a couple of months so the person you’re gifting could extend Christmas just that much longer. 

5. Spa Package

Everyone needs a break once in a while. This is a great gift for everyone because we often forget to give ourselves time to relax. This is a great way for a person you care about to be forced to relax. 

6. Pajamas

This is something that seems like such a boring gift, but it’s also such a useful gift. If you’re like me and you lack pajamas, then you know the struggle. Haha. Some people have different tastes in clothing items so just keep in mind what their style or likes are. To add a little personality to this gift, add a cute pair of socks because whether you’re a girl or guy, socks are always useful. You can also add a few snacks that the person you’re gifting these items to would love. 

I hope you guys enjoyed and found this post helpful! What are some go-to items that you love to gift to people. Will you be using any of these suggestions for any people this year?! Let me know in the comments below! 

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