December 2018 Yogi Surprise Yoga Box Review

Good morning beauties and happy Thursday! If you missed yesterdays review on the Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box, make sure to check it out here. Today I’ll be doing a review on the Yogi Surprise Yoga Box and I was super excited for the items in this months box. This is my first month receiving this box. Keep reading to see what was in my box and my thoughts on this box.

Before I get into the Yogi Surprise Yoga Box review, let me tell you a little bit about the different boxes that Yogi Surprise offers.

Yoga Box $44.95/month + free shipping in the US

According to Yogi Surprise, you can expect to receive pure essential oils, natural skincare and body care products, candles, intention setting crystals, books, handmade journals, yoga props, accessories and so much more. Plus, keep your practice fresh with our monthly yoga sequence card!
This box will always have an $85+ retail value in every box you receive!

The Jewelry Box $24.99/month + free shipping in the US

According to Yogi Surprise, this box offers you uniquely designed, body care pieces ranging from hand-crafted mala bead necklaces to diffuser jewelry. Every piece is inspired by the essence of beauty, peace, and mindfulness.
This box is guaranteed to have a retail value of over $65!

Men’s Yoga Box $59.95/month + free shipping to the US

This box is a big deal because it’s the first ever Men’s yoga box! This is super exciting and this is definitely making history.
According to Yogi Surprise, sometimes, for guys, it’s even harder to find men’s products that align with your values. This is the reason they’ve created this box.
This box guarantees to have a retail value of over $135!

Now let’s get into this month’s Yogi Surprise Yoga Box or what I call the cute purple box full of happiness.

To begin with, every Yogi Surprise Box comes with a little card with a picture of all the items on one side of the card and when you flip over the card you see a list of all the items along with a little description on each one. At the bottom of the card, it shows a total retail value of all the items in this box.

Yoga Cubes

This is the first item that caught my eyes. It would be a great game for someone that’s just exploring different yoga moves or just to freshen up your yoga routine. It’ll also probably be a fun addition to a Night In. All you do is roll the 4 wooden cubes and follow the yoga move on the cube. It’s sure to bring laughter.

Tea Tree and Lemon Balm Lip Care by Badger

I’m a sucker for both tea tree and lemon because of how minty and citrusy the smells combined are…it’s so refreshing. When I tried this lip balm on, it instantly brought moisture while also adding a little tingly feeling from the tea tree. Another reason I think this Lip Balm is awesome is because while most lip balms give your lips a greasy look, this product doesn’t which is so nice. This kept my lip moisturized for about 5 hours which is a winner in my book.

Yerba Mate Green Tea Soap by JOCO Botanicals

When I opened this Yoga Box, the first smell that hit me was Yerba Mate and Green Tea and I couldn’t wait to find what product was giving off this scent. It instantly energizes you as soon as you get a smell of it. This soap is 100% all natural which is a huge plus considering all the chemicals that are in many brands of soap.

Black Crystals Super Charged Extending Mascara by Pacifica

I had high hopes for this mascara because I’ve tried a few skincare products from this brand and I absolutely loved it, especially the scents. I will say this mascara has beautiful packaging, the wand looks amazing, the color of this mascara is super black and it’s vegan which is great. Not to mention, it’s cruelty-free. I tried so hard to love this mascara, but I just couldn’t. A background of my lashes are they have tons of hairs, with slight curl. With the first coat, it didn’t grab any of my lashes so the coat was super thin and all it did was make my lashes look like I only had 3 single hairs which sucked because I have a lot of eyelash hairs. I tried applying a second coat and it did nothing. This product would probably be great for your lower lashes.

Cooling Cleansing Active Wipes by Cuccio

These wipes are definitely refreshing and smells like eucalyptus. This size is also great to just throw into your gym bag or purse to freshen up with.

Chocolate Energy Bar by R.e.d.d.

Oh my goodness! When I was taking pictures of these items for this blog post, I was very low in energy and so hungry. At first I was skeptical about trying this bar because energy bars always taste disgusting and I’ve tried TONS! This one is the best tasting one by far! It seriously tasted like a chocolate brownie and I’m not kidding! It kept me full and full of energy for a long time. I’ll definitely be looking out for these bars in stores.

Hair Serum with Black Seed Oil by Zatik

As you all know, I’m trying to repair my hair and this oil smells so good. I tried this serum on my hair after I washed it. It felt great and a little goes a long way which is always nice.

The retail value for all the items in this box was $87.00 which is awesome considering the subscription for this box is only $44.95 and free shipping if you live in the US.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have you ever tried any of the products in this month’s box? If so, what’s your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments.

If you guys are interested in this box, make sure to check out and start your subscription today!

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Have you ever tried this Subscription Box? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments. If you haven’t tried this subscription box yet, what are you waiting for?! Head over to Yogi Surprise and start your subscription today because you will definitely not regret this.

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