What Brushes Do I Use + Brush Tips

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday.

I’ve talked about Makeup quite a bit on my blog, but I never talked about the brushes that I use.

Brushes play an important role in how your makeup looks. Yes, you can use your fingers to blend to a certain extent, but brushes definitely take your makeup look to the next level.

Let’s get into this!!

Foundation Brush:

My current favorite foundation brush is the Bare Mineral’s Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush. This brush is priced at $32, but it is so worth it. The brush is super dense, so it gives really good coverage and takes half the time of a regular brush to blend your foundation. Although this brush was designed for loose mineral powders, it works fantastic with foundation as well.

Powder Brush

I currently use the It Cosmetics Must-Have-Multi-Powder Brush. I purchased a set of brushes from IT Cosmetics and I fell in love with this brush! It’s SOOOO soft! I’ve had this brush for 5 years and it’s still going strong. It hasn’t even lost a bristle. The brush is so fluffy and picks up the right amount of powder. I used this brush with loose powder as well as pressed powder and I was not disappointed. It left my face looking flawless and not cakey!

Blush Brush

For Blush, I’m not too picky on the type of brush. I typically just go for a brush that is not very dense because dense brushes pick up a lot of product and I’d rather not look like a clown. 🙂 Any stippling brush works great for this. The E.L.F Stippling Brush is only $3 which is insane and it is actually really great. This brush is also great if you’re trying to achieve a very natural foundation look.

Bronzer Brush

I prefer using a powder brush for bronzer because as you guys know, I don’t contour on an everyday basis. A powder brush gives me a very natural sun-kissed look. The powder brush that I currently use is from a set on Amazon. It’s really pretty and the brushes are pretty soft as well. Check it out Here.

Highlighter Brush

I’m very particular when it comes to a highlight brush. I personally don’t like the look of one streak of unblended highlighter. I like a natural glow that’s slightly blinding, but not too in-your-face. Ya, I know that didn’t make sense at all. Haha. One of my favorite brushes to give me the look described above is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Double-Ended Brush. This brush is perfect because with the angled side, I can apply my highlighter precisely and the stippled side can be used to blend it out. It works very well for me and I highly recommend using this technique if you have trouble applying highlighter!

Eye Brushes

These are my favorite brushes because it makes all the difference when creating eye looks. I currently have 3 favorite brushes for my eye. The same IT cosmetics set that had the powder brush, has a lid brush called No-Tug-All-Over-Eyeshadow Brush. This brush is great for applying shadows to the lid and it makes it POP! Sometimes when I’m lazy and I don’t want to use an eyeshadow primer, this brush allows me to be lazy while still being able to achieve a gorgeous eye look.

The second brush is from the same set as well and it’s a crease brush called No-Tug Crease Brush. This brush fits in your crease perfectly and blends your crease color beautifully. I not only use this on my crease, but I also clean it off and blend any harsh edges to create a beautiful blended look.

Finally, the third brush is the brush that’s in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette.

I don’t ever end up loving brushes that come in eyeshadow palettes because most of the time they’re super cheap, but this one is an exception! It’s a dual-ended brush that has a definer brush on one end and a fluffy blending brush on the other. It’s the perfect two for one. I use the definer brush on the outer V of my eye and the other side of the brush to blend it out. I also use the definer brush on my lower lash line because it allows me to be very precise with my application.

Brow Brush

For a brow brush, I’m not too picky because a mascara wand works perfectly fine. I love using this to brush my brows before I apply any product to my brows. I currently use a very old Brow Brush from Mary Kay, but like I said, an old, clean mascara wand works just fine.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know I should have done this post a while ago, but now when I post my Makeup Of The Days, you can finally use the brushes and products that I use to achieve the looks! What is your favorite brush? Have you tried any of these brushes in this post? What are your thoughts? Make sure to leave a comment letting me know.

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12 thoughts on “What Brushes Do I Use + Brush Tips

      1. I think you probably don’t have to cause the It Cosmetics ones are so nice. The MAC brushes were my first brushes ever so I just can’t part with them! (But they are good as well.)

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  1. I got so many brushes from ipsy and other beauty subscriptions, which helped me realize what I like and don’t like! Definitely like the ABH brushes that come in the palettes! And I like using a powder brush for bronzer too! So much more forgiving than trying to contour or using a contour brush!

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