Makeup Of The Day: Beach Day!

Hey Beauties! Happy Sunday! Hopefully your morning is going smooth and relaxing!

I know some of you may be thinking “Why is she going to the beach in the middle of Fall?!” I promise I’m not crazy haha. Here in Florida our weather is in the high 80’s (26 Degrees Celsius) and low 90’s (32 Degrees Celsius) so we still have beach weather until about mid-December. Great beach weather equals tons of people coming down to Florida or the islands to get away from the freezing weather and snow. So, here’s some inspiration for your future Beach Vacation!

If you go to the beach and wear no makeup, it’s perfectly normal. I personally love to wear SOME makeup when going to the beach because it just makes me feel a little put together.

I also still go into the water even if I have makeup on so this Makeup of the day can also be helpful if you’re in any hot climate and you just need a look that can withstand sweat, rain, heat, etc…

Here’s the look down below!


As you can see it isn’t to crazy of a Makeup look. Keep reading to see how you can achieve this look.

  1. I start any look with my Skincare Routine. Check out my post on my Updated Skincare Routine to see what products I use. This routine has changed my skin tremendously, so even if you need a little help on getting your skin care routine started, that post will definitely help you out!
  2. I apply Primer before makeup because it allows your makeup to go on smoothly and helps it last longer. For this particular look, I used Bobbi Brown’s Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in the shade “Bare Glow”. This primer is absolutely beautiful because it gives you such a healthy glow. I find that it’s great for all skin types, but if you’re an oily girl like me, avoid putting this on anywhere that tends to get oily. For example, I avoid using this on my T-Zone because that’s where I get the oiliest.
  3. After Primer, I applied Powder. If you don’t use powder, then you can opt out for a tinted moisturizer, a BB cream or a CC cream. If you don’t own any of these, an easy DIY for these are just using two pumps of moisturizer to one pump of foundation. This will save you tons of money as well. The powder that I use is Maybelline’s Matte + Poreless Powder. Many of you know this is one of my favorite powders! It gives you the right amount of coverage and lasts all day!
  4. I then added a little Mascara on to my lashes. For this, I used the Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. Not only is the name catchy, but the actual mascara is AMAZING! If you haven’t tried it….You need to!
  5. I skipped brows because it looked fine, so all I did was took a Brow Comb and brushed the hairs through.
  6. For Lips I started off by applying my Kiehls Baby Lip Balm to add moisture to my lips. This lip balm never seems to be done. I literally use it all the time and I had it for almost a year now. After my lip balm sinks in, I then applied Bite Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon in the shade “Glace” which is one of my favorite colors. I also love the formula of these lip crayons.
  7. Lastly, I set my makeup look with a little setting spray. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and this spray pretty much speaks for itself!
  8. Now put on a cute outfit and enjoy your day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and the steps that followed. Where is your favorite place to vacation? If you don’t have a favorite place that you like to vacation at, what is a place that you would love to visit one day? Make sure to let me know in the comments because I’ d love to know!

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