I Tried A Black Peel Off Mask For $1 From WISH?!?! Full Review 🤔

Hey Beauties! Happy Saturday! One more day until we welcome the weekend again!!

I know you guys are probably familiar with Wish. It’s an app that has extremely cheap products…the only catch is the shipping time is very long!!

I decided to give this black mask a try because I LOVE peel off masks. It helps so much with my pores and just makes my skin so refreshed and soft!

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical about this. I’m not the type to buy super cheap face masks because I’m to scared it will damage my skin. When I seen this mask…the first thing that came to my mind was….Aleeya, are you sure you want to do this?! Lol I was literally thinking that my face was going to burn off with this mask…

The only reason I even tried this mask was because of the reviews. There was only 2 bad reviews out of probably 300+ reviews which is pretty impressive.

Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get into this review…

So, for only $1 you get 10 of these little packets.


Haha the packaging is pretty straight forward. I love how small the packets are because it is perfect for traveling! You will be able to apply this on your face with product still remaining.


The product has a consistency like Elmer’s glue. It isn’t to thin, but not to thick either. It’s just the right consistency to smooth over your face without tugging your skin or worrying if it’ll drip everywhere. It’s also super shiny even when it dried on my face.


This mask doesn’t have a scent which makes me so happy because I thought it would smell like glue or alcohol for some reason.


This product applied so smooth on my face. It gave a cooling effect which felt refreshing. It took about 15-20 minutes to dry which was what I was expecting. The mask didn’t feel hard on my face, it was more of a rubbery feel which was pretty interesting. As many of you know, I have pretty large pores, this product sunk into my pores.

Peel Time:

Peeling this mask off was pretty fun. I don’t reccomend you get this mask anywhere on your hairs because it will hurt! The part of the mask that sunk into my pores pulled off easily as well. It took off blackheads and whiteheads.


I noticed right away how tiny my pores became which was great! My skin felt super soft and it was a little more even. My skin was a little red, but went away after about 5 minutes.


For $1 the results is not what I was expecting. I was expecting to have a broken out face that would be itchy or something, but luckily this was not the case. I would definitely repurchase this mask and recommend it. It is also great for traveling as it takes up no room at all!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Face mask Friday review! What are some face masks that you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments

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