Let’s Talk About Eye Primers

Hey Beauties! Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, I posted How To: 5 Tips On Applying Dark Eyeshadows and one of the tips was to apply eye primer.

If you’re new to the Makeup World or you just need a little advice, then I’m here to help! So, today’s topic is all about eye primers.

1. What Is The Purpose Of An Eye Primer?

An eye primer is an important step if you use eyeshadow. An eye primer intensifies the color of your eyeshadow, locks your eyeshadow so it won’t fade or crease and provides a smooth base for your eyeshadow so it won’t look patchy. It also helps with fallout.

2. Where Do I Apply Eye Primer?

You’re going to apply eye primer wherever you are planning to apply eyeshadow. So, your lid up to your brow bone and on your lash line.

3. What Are Some Good Eye Primers?

To be completely honest, I’ve tried both drugstore and high end eye primers and I haven’t found a drugstore eye primer that I like. I’ve found a couple high end eye primers that I love so I’ll list them below!!

This primer is so worth the price. It lasts for a looonngg time because you only have to use a little tiny bit! It also goes on and becomes translucent. If you like colored eye primers or shimmery ones, Urban Decay has alot more.

Here’s another eye primer that I love and it’s a little cheaper. This lasts a very long time as well and it goes on translucent.

4. Will Concealer Work In Place Of Eye Primer?

Yes, it can if you don’t have eye primer. I tried it before and it works just fine. Just make sure to set the concealer with a bit of translucent powder.

5. Why Do I Have To Set My Eye Primer?

Setting your eye primer will allow you to blend eyeshadows easier.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite eye primer? Let me know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Eye Primers

      1. omg it is currently in stock and you have just inspired me to buy it 🙂 also they have it in different shades! i didn’t even know that before

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Buy it!! Feel free to send one my way Haha. Just kidding. Yes, it does come in different shades which is awesome!! It’ll act as a concealer for coverage on your lids if you have veins that show or discoloration. It’s a pretty cool concept! Also, it’s super affordable.


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