How To: 5 Tips On Applying Dark Eyeshadows

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday! I’m sure a lot of you guys have been rocking the darker eye looks and lipsticks. Today I’ll be sharing a few tips that will help you create beautiful and flawless dark eyeshadow looks!!

1. Apply Eye Primer

No matter what eye look you’re trying to achieve, make sure to put a primer on. This will ensure your eye look stays put together all day. It’ll also make your dark shadows apply more evenly and it won’t look patchy.

2. Set Your Primer

Setting your primer? If you notice that your eyeshadows are hard to blend, it’s probably just because your eye primer is doing its job! What I love to do after applying eye primer is applying an eyeshadow that’s matte and close to my natural skin color everywhere that I applied my eye primer. This will help you blend your dark shadows with ease.

3. Less is More

Working with darker eyeshadows will teach you that less is more. Apply your dark eyeshadows little by little. You’re less likely to ruin your eye look!

4. Blend! Blend! Blend!

Blending is your best friend. It ties your eye look together. Use a fluffy brush instead of a dense brush to blend to ensure your blending is done right. If you over blend, it’s okay. Just add more color and blend it back in. Make sure you use a light hand.

5. Take Your Time

If you’re in a rush, don’t try working with dark eyeshadows. Well, unless you’ve practiced a lot. In that case, go for it! If not, you may end up looking like you were punched in the eye. Haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed these quick tips. Now go out there and rock the gorgeous dark, Fall looks! What’s your favorite brand of eyeshadows? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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