Updated Haircare Routine + What Hair Products Do I Currently Use?

Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday!! Hope your morning is going well so far!

A little bit about my hair…

For starters, my hair is naturally wavy-curly and very thick. It’s very long as well.

My main concerns with my hair are the frizziness, and the knots and I’m almost positive these concerns are due to my hair not having enough moisture.

I don’t use a blow dryer at all. I don’t even own one to ensure I don’t use unnecessary heat. I straighten or curl my hair about once a week and I try to keep it that way.

I try to switch my shampoo and conditioner every month because at first they work great and then after a time my hair gets used to it. So I try a lot of hair care products!

To clarify as well, I use both high end and drugstore hair products.

Currently, my shampoo and conditioner is by Pantene. I use the Daily Moisture Renewal one.

I also use the same conditioner that matches my Shampoo.

As read, this shampoo and conditioner is basically supposed to bring moisture to your hair. That it does!! It’s great. I also have a certain way that I wash my hair which plays a big role for taming my hair as well.

My Technique…

  1. Apply shampoo and lather well. Leave on for a minute.
  2. Wash off shampoo with warm and reapply more shampoo and lather well.
  3. Rinse off withstand warm water and add conditioner from mid hair to ends.
  4. Leave on for a couple minutes.
  5. Take a wide tooth comb and brush hair. Make sure to be gentle.
  6. Once all knots are gone, leave conditioner on hair for a couple minutes.
  7. Rinse off well with cold water.
  8. After shower, let hair air dry.

What do I use as a deep conditioner?

I use coconut oil as a deep conditioner at least once a week. I take a spoonful of coconut oil and warm it up for about 15 seconds and apply it to my scalp. After my scalp is saturated, I use the remaining product on the rest of my hair.

I leave it on for as long as possible. Sometimes overnight and wash it off with the directions above.

What products do you use when you wear your hair natural?

Most of the time when I wear my hair natural, it’s in a messy bun or a side braid.

The days that I wear my hair down and it’s natural, I use this⬇️

This product smells phenomenal!! It smells like fresh coconuts. It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy, gross or weighs it down either which is a triple plus.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haircare post. What products do you use on your hair? Have you ever tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Updated Haircare Routine + What Hair Products Do I Currently Use?

    1. I agree completely. As much heat as I can avoid is better for me. Omg I’ve been debating whether to cut my hair short or keep it long, but I cant decide. I’ve had short hair before and loved it and I have long hair and I love it. Maybe I’ll cut it to a medium length lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I usually have medium length hair, like slightly past my collarbone, but really grew it out for my wedding and balayage’d it up! And then chopped it short cause I got so tired of it…and man I am really enjoying how quick it is to do my hair, especially styling. I can actually take time and style it and not be late lol but there is something about long hair…it feels like an accessory! I figured it’d grow out again. A little trim is a nice refresh!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love a good Balayage! Lol and omg that’s definitely one perk of short hair! The styling time is cut by A LOT! I’ll be deciding hopefully by next week what I decide to do! I’ll make sure to post my before and after on here when I decide. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

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