MOTD: Warm Look With Neutral Lips

Hey Beauties! Happy Sunday. Hope your weekend is going great.

Today I’ll be sharing a makeup look that can be worn any day of Fall.

This look was super easy and I based the focus point on the eyes.

Here’s the look below…

Let’s get into the products that were used.

Starting on my face I used these products in the order listed…

Next, I moved on to my eyeshadow using one of my all-time favorite palettes ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

1. Apply “Tempera” all over your lid up to your brow bone.

2. Mix “Raw Sienna” and “Burnt Orange” and apply it to your crease and a little above your crease.

3. Mix a little bit of “Red Ochre” and “Realgar” and focus on blending that only in your crease.

4. Apply “Primavera” on your Lid.

Now that eyeshadow is done, here are the products that I Used to complete the eye.

Lastly, the lips…

I didn’t set this look with any Setting Spray, but this picture was taken after wearing the look for 8 hours!!

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