MOTD Ft. Buxom

Hey Beauties! Happy Thursday! Hopefully your week is going great and if it isn’t, don’t worry you have one more day left before the beautiful weekend! So hang in there!

Yesterday, I reviewed three lip glosses from Buxom. If you missed it, feel free to Click Here to read it!

Today, I decided to go ahead and rock one of the lippes in today’s look.

Here’s the look⬇️

Here’s the products that I used:

Here’s the Details on my hair:

This is how my hair naturally is so I just parted my hair and Bobby pinned my bangs back. It literally takes a minute.

Oh and by the way, my shirt is from Wish! It was only $5! I love that it says “Making Magic Happen” lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look today!

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