A Little Smile Can Have A Big Effect.

Hey Beauties!! Happy Thursday. I just wanted to share my terrible morning with you guys and how to quickly turned around.

So, I woke up and had a positive and motivated mind…”Today is gonna be a fantastic and productive day.” It was going great! I had a smooth first part of the morning until I tried to upload a post on here. For some reason it didn’t want to upload. I closed the app and then opened it and my post was erased….great…just great!

I decided to just eat some breakfast and relax before I rewrite EVERYTHING. Well, as I got up to get breakfast…I stubbed my toe! Ouch!! Ok, so maybe breakfast wasn’t a good idea! I skipped breakfast which NEVER happens. I just had a bottle of water.

My kids woke up and I decided to go to Target. Target makes everyone happy and I needed to change my day around. Everything was great on our way to Target….until I hear an odd sound. “Ugh…Did I just get a flat tire?” I pulled into a parking spot to check and there was a big wire in my tire!

Luckily, our warranty covers roadside assistance. So, I called them and got my tire changed to the spare. Everyone loves driving on donuts right? Lol 😣!

I was so happy that we were at Target. We went in and for some reason everyone was a little extra nice than usual. My kids and I ran into an awesome mom and her daughter that was smiling at my sons singing Elmo toy and made conversation. Turns out, she was having an awful day as well. I went to get some ice cream and there was an older lady that gave me a sweet smile and I smiled back at her. My kids waved at her and it seemed to have made her day just that much brighter. Lastly, we came across our cashier that was absolutely sweet and she had a great conversation with me about her 11 month old son.

These people were probably having a terrible day as well. Who knew that a quick conversation and genuine smiles could turn their day around. Not only their day..but mine as well.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is so you guys realize that all of you have an effect on people. You have the power to change someone’s day. So today I dare you to smile at a stranger and say Hello, I hope you have a great day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you’re having a bad day, just know that you’re probably not the only one and just like my terrible morning turned well..I hope it turns great for you too!

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