What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag??

Hey Beauties! Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a lovely weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I love any “What’s in my Bag” posts. It’s so weird, but apparently I’m not the only one.

So, anyways I love to keep my makeup pretty neutral and this way, I bring less products.

Well, let’s get into it!

  • Urban Decay Neon Green Makeup Bag.

I love this Bag because it’s bright green. I received this at an Urban Decay class a while ago, but you can still purchase one on Ebay or Poshmark. Really, any clear bag would work so you’re able to see your products.

This product retails for $68. I received a sample with purchase through Sephora.

This product is great for the nights you don’t get sleep and you aren’t a concealer wearer. It retails for $32.

This foundation retails for $39. Depending on how long I’m on vacation for determines if I bring a smaller container or the full bottle.

This powder retails for $7.99 which is super affordable and if it breaks while traveling, I don’t mind.

My All-Time favorite bronzer and since it hit pan already, I don’t mind carrying it in My Travel Bag. It retails for $40

This is such a beautiful blush and I love that it’s water-resistant because some travel destinations are hot! This product retails for $26. It’s so worth it and the case it comes in is very durable.

I’m sure everyone has this highlighter because it’s so amazing! It retails for $38, but with a qualifying purchase it’s sometimes free for a mini.

  • NYX “Happy Birthday” Palette

I received this Palette during my birthday month at Ulta. You can still purchase it on Poshmark. Basically, any cheap Palette will work so you won’t get upset if it shatters.

This liquid liner is only $2 and it’s really good! It speaks for itself.

This product retails for $21 And is super black and awesome.

  • Sharpener

Any cosmetic sharpener works. You only need this if you have an Eyeliner that needs to be sharpened

Any travel size mascara of your choice will work. This one retails for $19 and is pretty decent.

This is one of my holy grails because it’s extremely precise which I love. It retails for $19.

Another new must have for me is this color lipliner. The best part is it only retails for $4. Any natural colored lipliner is a must have for everyday use that would go with any outfit.

This lip crayon is so moisturizing and it’s such a beautiful color. It retails for $24.

  • Tarte Lipsurgence in “Energy”

I don’t think they sell this lip gloss anymore but any clear gloss would work. I personally pick this one because it’s a moisturizing gloss.

This Lippy retails for $9.49 and it’s absolutely amazing. The wear on it is fantastic. I picked this Lippy for a more fancier dinner or night out. Any statement color would work.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! In the comments let me know what’s a few of your must haves for traveling!


2 thoughts on “What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag??

  1. Love it! I never put on makeup until I was about 12….makeup meaning some mascara and a light gloss. When I was 16 is when I started experimenting with the whole 9 yards of makeup! I love makeup…it’s an art!


  2. When I was young it took me a couple minutes to put on my face in the morning. No cream (mistake) or foundation but only a little eye pencil on the outside corners of my eyes and mascara and out the door. When I was too young for makeup, 12, I had light pink lipstick I put on when I got to school.

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