Product Review: Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge

Hey Beauties!! 

As promised, I’m back again with another review. Today it’ll be on this little guy 👇🏽

There are tons of dupes for the legit beauty blender and some are great such as the real technique sponge and others are not so great! I’m all for trying new products! I found this little guy at Marshalls for $3.99 and the sponge is super cute, very soft and I love the print! So, with the real beauty blender and any sponge, you want to make sure it’s dampened before you use it! Well, with this sponge it’s the opposite!! I used this about 3-4 times and it was dampened! It didn’t smooth my makeup at all, it mostly left it blotchy which sucked. I then tried it dry and it worked a little better, but still wasn’t impressed!! So, I used it with a loose powder to set my makeup and it worked great!! Definitely packed the makeup on very well!

Would I recommend this product?!

Well, I wouldn’t, because the actual beauty blender worked damp or dry with me. This seemed good if you’re traveling and didn’t want to take your expensive beauty blender. Also, it would be a good tool to bake with because it does pack on loose powders pretty well.

Hope you all enjoyed this review! I know it was a little longer than my usual reviews, but unlike the other products I’ve reviewed, this one wasn’t really a favorite of mine. In the comments below, let me know of any beauty blender dupes you’ve tried that is worth me buying! 😘😘


12 thoughts on “Product Review: Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge

  1. I love how it looks, so cute! 😄 I use Real Techniques sponge too in addition to my Beauty Blender. It’s really soft and kind of budget friendly. I think it is around 8-10 bucks a piece. Have you tried it?


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