Birthday Makeup?! 

Hey Beauties!!!!!

Happy Friday!

So, my birthday is on the 16th of August and I thought I’d ask you guys what look you think would be appropriate! Every year for my birthday, I usually do a smokey and a bold lip so I can feel extra special. This year I thought I’d ask you guys! 

In the comments below, leave some pictures or lip colors or anything that you feel like I should do!! 😘😘


11 thoughts on “Birthday Makeup?! 

    1. Omg!! #TeamLeo ! Well, my husband actually booked a cruise for us to celebrate my birthday as well as our anniversary that was on the 2nd of August!! We’ll probably go for “legal” drinks (turning 21) 😜! Possibly dinner or maybe a drive somewhere! I do love the blue idea. It’ll make my brown eyes pop! You always have the greatest answers ❤️❤️! What are you doing for your birthday ?!

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      1. Defo team Leo!☺ aaw that’s awesome. I’ve never been on a cruise. What places did you see?☺ aaw enjoy your first legal drinks. In the UK it’s 18 but that was a long time ago for me😂 Hope you have a great time. I agree, bright colours really make dark eyes pop. My eyes are dark too☺ I go away Monday so I’ll be on holiday with my partner for my birthday x

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      2. Well, the cruise isn’t until about a week after my birthday! It’ll be to St. Kitts, Grand Turks, Puerto Rico and St. Martin. Omg 18?! My family was born in the islands so we’ve been drinking since then! Responsibly though!!! Omg, well I hope you enjoy your trip doll ❤️

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      3. Oh sorry. I thought you meant you went 2nd Aug☺ That’ll be amazing. All those places will be beautiful. Haha yes 18 over here is the legal age. People get a bit over excited at that age and drink a bit too much lol. Thank you☺ Hope you have an amazing birthday xx

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