Tis the Season πŸŽ„Β 

Hey Beauties!!! Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is nearby! 😊

Of course, we couldn’t wait to decorate our tree and put up a little bit of decorations to make it feel more holiday-like! 

^ Ok, how cute are these little Christmas trees that change colors and this little Snowman! All for $3 at Dollar General!

^The first ornament to go on the tree was a little “Hello Kitty” one and she was so excited πŸ’Ÿ

^This year, we decided on a Santa Hat as the tree topper! πŸŽ…πŸΎ 

^After my daughter seen my husband put the topper on, she really wanted to put it on! 

^I found this cute reindeer sweater at Walmart for $9! How cute is it!!

^Ok, maybe I went a little overboard with Christmas stuff, but I couldn’t hold back on these cute leggings!! Santa and Candy Canes?!?! To top it off, it was $3.88! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this super quick post! It’s a little different then I normally post, but I couldn’t resist sharing! Let me know what you guys love doing for the Holiday time! ❀️


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