2016 Makeup Throwout?!?!

Hey Beauties!!! I hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Christmas! Now it's time to get ready for New Years! I always love to do a deep cleaning because it just makes me feel put together!  So, I decided to start with my Makeup first! I love makeup and trying new products and … Continue reading 2016 Makeup Throwout?!?!


Product Review: Maybelline Big Shot Mascara! 

Hey Beauties!! I'm so excited to share this new mascara with you!  It's by Maybelline and it's the Big Shot Mascara!!!  So the picture below shows what the mascara did! It definitely made my lashes more voluminous and darker as well as lengthened it! Guess which one has the mascara 🙂🙂 Pros: Affordable Not waterproof … Continue reading Product Review: Maybelline Big Shot Mascara! 

Christmas came early ⛄️

Hey Beauties!  I feel like I've posted a lot today, but I just have so much to share! First off, thank you so much for your amazing comments, likes and conversations! I highly appreciate it and it makes me love each and everyone of you more and more!  Secondly, if you have any ideas on … Continue reading Christmas came early ⛄️

Simple Fall Motd! 

Hey Beauties! Happy Monday! The weekend went by to fast, but it's nothing that a good old Lipstick can't tackle!  😜 First off, let me just say sorry for my weird eyebrows! I'm trying to grow the ends out! I'm all out of my concealer that I use for my brows, but I will be … Continue reading Simple Fall Motd! 

Birthday Makeup?! 

Hey Beauties!!!!! Happy Friday! So, my birthday is on the 16th of August and I thought I'd ask you guys what look you think would be appropriate! Every year for my birthday, I usually do a smokey and a bold lip so I can feel extra special. This year I thought I'd ask you guys!  … Continue reading Birthday Makeup?! 

Product Review: Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge

Hey Beauties!!  As promised, I'm back again with another review. Today it'll be on this little guy 👇🏽 There are tons of dupes for the legit beauty blender and some are great such as the real technique sponge and others are not so great! I'm all for trying new products! I found this little guy … Continue reading Product Review: Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge

Favorite lippy!!

Good morning Beauties!!  Hope everyone's Sunday is going well. So I have been really loving the Alter Ego Lipsticks by Lorac. There's one shade in particular that I love and it's the shade "CEO."  The color is amazing!!! Not only that, but the formula of the lipstick is very creamy, but doesn't come off very … Continue reading Favorite lippy!!

Arm Candy Must Haves: Bella Perlina Edition

Hey Beauties!  I meant to post this a couple of days ago and I just remembered as I was preparing my clothes and jewelry for tomorrow lol. I do this every night to make things go smoother! So, I've been loving Bella Perlina Jewelry a lot...Like a lot lot !! lol it's simple, it's cute … Continue reading Arm Candy Must Haves: Bella Perlina Edition

Product Review: Tony Moly Foam Cleanser (Shea Butter)

Hey Beauties!!  I'm always looking for new face washes because my skin gets used to products really quickly. Today I picked up this face wash by "Tony Moly". I'm more familiar with their face masks because they're super popular, but I thought I'd give a different product besides the face masks a try! This foaming … Continue reading Product Review: Tony Moly Foam Cleanser (Shea Butter)

Product Review: Herbal Essence Bio Renew (Argan Oil of Morocco) 

Hey Beauties!! Hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday! Yesterday I received a package from BzzAgent to review these new Hair products by Herbal Essence! I chose the "Argan Oil of Morocco" because my hair gets frizzy and it's very thick and dry at the ends!    Below is before I washed my hair with … Continue reading Product Review: Herbal Essence Bio Renew (Argan Oil of Morocco)