October Empties! 

Hey Beauties!

So, instead of doing a monthly Favorites post. I decided to do an October Empties lol! My favorites haven’t changed this month! 

Above are my Empties for last month!

  1. Smashbox hydrating primer: This stuff I amazing for the days when your skin is dry! I never apply it on my nose because my nose is the most oily spot on my face. 
  2. Nip and Fab face Primer: I can’t find this primer anywhere to replace it! It’s a great primer for such a great price. The texture is a silicone/moisturizing feel….I know you guys may be thinking “How weird” lol! 
  3. Rimmel 25 hour foundation: This is not an empty, it’s more of a “Hate” lol. I purchased this because I was so tan and didn’t have a foundation to match. The texture is very creamy and goopy. It feels so heavy on the face and also oxidized causing the color to be totally off! 
  4. IT #50 serum primer: I know you’ve heard me rave about this brand in general! It’s absolutely AMAZING! Such a great texture and brightens my skin instantly. It leaves my foundation looking amazing. Also, the ingredients are amazing.
  5. Tarte Face Tanning wipes: I’ve used this product once and while it leaves my face feeling refreshed and moisturized, I’m already tan. lol I would recommend this is you’re more to the pale side. I purchased it because I love tarte and wanted to see if I could match my face to my body as it was so light at that time.
  6. ELF eye primer: If you have $1 to spend, I would recommend this! While I was balling on a budget, I decided to pick this up and it was mind blowing how great this product is! It doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t make my shadow crease!
  7. Body Shop Mineral powder: I purchased this because of the buy 2 get 2 free promo and it was great. The color was a little off, so I used it as bronzer. The feel of it was definitely lightweight and wasn’t overly powdery although it was a powder lol. 

Let me know what your favorite product is that you think I should try! I really want to know! Hope you guys enjoyed this post 😘


21 thoughts on “October Empties! 

    1. I had one and uploaded frequently, but it became so time consuming with editing ☹️! I ended up deleting all my videos lol! I love watching everyone else’s hauls and tutorials! Haha thanks for the suggestion though darling ❤️


    1. I’ve tried the lip laquers and they are amazing! I’m not a fan of nail remover pads because it doesn’t seem to do the job :/! Maybe it’s the ones that I’ve used that just sucks! Will have to try it one more time ❤️! Thanks for such awesome suggestions doll

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      1. Shine and citrus! Ok, I’m sold! lol! I’ve tried one from Ulta during the holidays one year and it smelled good, but didn’t do the job. I’ve also tried one at a resort we went to and hated it lmao! Ulta sells this product where you dip each finger in and I guess it’s like wipes soaked with acetone! It’s so nice!!! You can even make it yourself.

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      2. Tea tree oil smells amazing! Will definitely have to try that! Right now for a nail treatment I take a drop of coconut oil and heat it to where it’s warm and apply it to my cuticles and just massage it in right before I go to sleep! I do this probably once a week and it really is great! You can even take biotin pills or prenatals!

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      3. oooh I just bought some coconut oil not too long ago so I’ll have to try this out too 🙂 I’ve been thinking about taking biotin, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. I love the smell of tea tree oil too <3.

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