Morning Routine:Mommy edition!

Hey Beauties!!! Before I became a mom, I had a different routine. I tried to keep it somewhat the same since I became a mommy! This is what works for me!!!

I usually wake up around 8:30 to my personal alarm clock (my daughter). She’s usually saying “Bobble” over and over which means she wants milk haha. 

We usually lay in bed for a minute and she’s back to sleep. Lol yes, I was blessed! Usually during this time I’ll take my shower and get myself situated. 

Afterwards, I’ll change her pamper while she’s alsleep and make my morning coffee!!! Thank God for coffee! Haha 

I’ll usually drink that and go through all my social medias! If you guys want to follow my Instagram it’s Blossomedbeauty

Then I’ll make breakfast which is usually eggs and toast or cereal! By then my daughters up and I’ll brush her teeth and we’ll eat!

Of course, I can’t forget the beautify part! Lol so I’ll do my makeup and proceed with whatever errands and such we have to do that day!
Hope you guys enjoyed this random post lol! 


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