Makeup Tips: Theme Park Edition

Hey Beauties!!!! Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday we went to Disney and I realized I would probably save lots of people’s lives who have an upcoming trip to Orlando, FL. We have tons of theme parks and our weather makes it hard to wear any makeup without it melting off! Well, I’m here to help! So, here’s some tips and tricks to help you!!!

  1. Primer!! Make sure to wear primer and let it properly settle in to your face before applying foundation! It’ll help your makeup stick all day! 
  2. BB and CC creams!!! If you don’t have a BB or CC cream, you can make your own! Put 1 pump of foundation and two pumps of your favorite moisturizer!! Mix it up and you have a BB cream! It’ll be very lightweight.
  3. Waterproof Mascara! If you love the pool or water rides like me, then you’ll know how essential waterproof mascara is lol.
  4. Setting spray!! Once your makeup is done, spritz setting spray on your face! Let it dry completely and spritz once again! (:

Hope you guys enjoyed my Makeup Tips for theme park or even when it’s super hot outside! Let me know what your favorite tip was!!❤️


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