Awesome Lunch Date!

Hey Beauties!! 

So, after I did my makeup and hair, my husband took my daughter and I out to this awesome sushi spot! It’s perfect in my opinion because there are tons of other choices on the menu. I love sushi and my husband hates it! So, if you’re like my husband and I it’ll be an awesome place to go to as it has options for all!

We got some ice cream for our little one because she had some Mac and cheese before we left the house! She definitely enjoyed her treat!

I usually like to try different sushi rolls! This particular one was called “Mango Roll” and it’s Shrimp tempura, Avacado, Cucumber, Mango (of course), Tuna and it’s topped with a mango sauce! It was Delicious! It was one of their signature rolls so I had to get it! Plus, I love mango! 

My husband ordered “Chicken Katsu” which is basically chicken and a delicious sauce! I loved the presentation of the dish! They definitely made the carrots and lemon look so gorgeous!!

Ok, if you guys haven’t had fried ice cream before, you definitely have to give it a try! It was my first time trying it and it was absolutely delicious! We had the “Fried Green Tea Icecream” the corners of the plate was a like syrup which was quite refreshing! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you’re ever in the Orlando area, make sure to check this place out! ❤️


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