My Fall Beauty Must Haves!

Hey Beauties!!! Unfortunately in Florida, we barely have a Fall or Winter! I still love to change my makeup with seasons! I am also sure many of you don't live in Florida and get to partake in Fall/Winter! I thought this would be helpful to some! ❤️ The pictures above are basically some products I … Continue reading My Fall Beauty Must Haves!


Makeup Tips: Theme Park Edition

Hey Beauties!!!! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday we went to Disney and I realized I would probably save lots of people's lives who have an upcoming trip to Orlando, FL. We have tons of theme parks and our weather makes it hard to wear any makeup without it melting off! Well, I'm here to help! So, here's … Continue reading Makeup Tips: Theme Park Edition

Fall Makeup!! Daytime Wearable

Hey Beauties!!!!! Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!  Today I decided to just play in makeup and this is what I came up with: It's basically a daytime appropriate smokey eye and a purple-plum lippy! Enough with the pics! Let's get into the products I used to achieve this look😜! Foundation: Urban Decay All … Continue reading Fall Makeup!! Daytime Wearable

Awesome Lunch Date!

Hey Beauties!!  So, after I did my makeup and hair, my husband took my daughter and I out to this awesome sushi spot! It's perfect in my opinion because there are tons of other choices on the menu. I love sushi and my husband hates it! So, if you're like my husband and I it'll … Continue reading Awesome Lunch Date!

Golden Metallic lippy!

Hey Beauties! It's Monday and many of you are probably wondering why it had to come so fast!  Well, there is nothing a lippy can't fix 😜 I decided to play with my makeup a little and I felt a little creative! Right now, the big thing is Matte lips and I believe metallic is … Continue reading Golden Metallic lippy!

Big Scare!

Hey Beauties!!  So, I don't know if it just happened to me buttttt WordPress kicked me out of my account and I couldn't get back in!  I tried my password over and over and at first it said it was wrong and then it said "server issue". I thought someone hacked into my account and … Continue reading Big Scare!

September Favorites 2016

Hey Beauties! Hope you guys had a great day! As September is quickly coming to an end, I decided to share with you guys my favorites from September. I tried to not repeat some of them, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that sticks to products they love!  Well here we go: Milani … Continue reading September Favorites 2016

Makeup of the day: BCA Edition

Hey Beauties! It's October which also means it's breast cancer awareness month!  I decided to incorporate pink in each makeup look for the month of October! Today I used a bubblegum pink lippy (:  I'm just going to share my lippy details today! If you guys would like info on the other products I've used, … Continue reading Makeup of the day: BCA Edition

Morning Routine:Mommy edition!

Hey Beauties!!! Before I became a mom, I had a different routine. I tried to keep it somewhat the same since I became a mommy! This is what works for me!!! I usually wake up around 8:30 to my personal alarm clock (my daughter). She's usually saying "Bobble" over and over which means she wants … Continue reading Morning Routine:Mommy edition!

DIY Scalp treatment!!! 

Hey Beauties!! Happy Thursday! I decided to try a new scalp treatment since I feel as if my hair is getting used to coconut oil! Crazy right?!?!  So, I'm going to try out this heater olive oil hair mask!  Basically you pour some olive oil in a bowl and heat it up for about 15 … Continue reading DIY Scalp treatment!!!