Upcoming release: Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette

Hey Beauties!!!! I know it’s kind of late, but I thought I’d share this quick reminder to you guys! 

šŸ‘†šŸ½šŸ‘†šŸ½šŸ‘†šŸ½šŸ‘†šŸ½šŸ‘†šŸ½šŸ‘†šŸ½ THAT THING UP THERE!!!!

I’m absolutely excited for! I love UD palettes to death, but don’t kill me for saying this! I HATE the Naked Basics palettes. Why?! You may ask. The colors are boring, but then again it fits the name….BASICS šŸ˜œ!

This little guy is actually not yet released, but will be released on September 18, 2016! I’m super excited! It’s going to be $55 which is a bit pricey, but if you are a makeup lover like me, you won’t really care lol. I love these colors in this palette and the formula is amazing for UD shadows which I’m sure you guys heard me say that many times before!!!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post/reminder!! This palette is gonna be the bomb.com! Also, I did a little shopping today šŸ˜‰! So look out for a haul/review because I’m excited!!!! Maybe I’ll post it tonight! ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø


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