Product Review: Essence Eyeliner Pen (Extra long lasting)

Hey Beauties!

So as promised I’m going to post a few posts and this one was a post I was procrastinating a lot. 

I love eyeliners and I was at Ulta and seen this little guy for $2.99 so I thought “Why not” 😜

The product is by the brand Essence which has awesome products for super cheap and it’s a felt tip liner pen. Of course, I bought it in the color black πŸ‘‡πŸ½

So the packaging is pretty straight to the point and just like any other liner packaging…very sleek.

I love how skinny the tip of the liner is because you can be more precise. 

The pigmentation is AMAZING for such a cheap priced product. I did wear this eyeliner everyday for a good 2 weeks and jumped in the pool with it. Let me tell you guys, it didn’t budge at all!!! 

I would definitely recommend this product. I definitely will be trying out more products from this brand. 

Hope you guys enjoyed that post! Let me know what your favorite product from Essence is! I’d love to try it. 😘


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