Product I use to clean my brushes! 

Hey Beauties!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday evening!!!

I was about to wash my brushes and I usually use baby shampoo to wash them! I didn’t know I was out of it so I reached for this little guy👇🏽

I purchased this product on Clearance some time ago for $3 at Walgreens and I used it once! The texture is super creamy and conditioning and it does cleanse very well without leaving your skin dry. It is for sensitive skin so it is super gentle. I thought, PERFECT for my BRUSHES (: !

I felt my brushes were super clean and soft after I was finished washing them and it wasn’t greasy or anything. The smell was super clean which is also a plus. I would definitely recommend this product for all you ladies/men looking for an awesome brush cleaner (: ! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! So glad it finally went up! Please leave a comment and let me know if there is any questions you guys have on a topic! I could answer it in a next post ❤️


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