Jaws 🌊

Hey Beauties!!

Today I’m back with something totally different, but it still has to do with fashion so it’s ok. lol besides, who doesn’t like the movie “Jaws” anyways? 

We were taking a stroll in the mall and passed by the Sperry’s store. As soon as my husband seen the “Jaws” edition Sperry’s he had to take a double look. Of course we had to get it.

I have to admit, his style for a guy is pretty cool! 

These shoes come in this super awesome boxπŸ‘‡πŸ½

Here goes the inside of the lid as well as the super cool tissue paper! It looks like a pool of blood. Ok, maybe not cool but it’s pretty creative 

Aren’t these shoes way to cool? They also had other styles, but these seemed to be the coolest one in our opinion. 

The fact that they took the time to put so many details into the design of this shoe is pretty incredible (: ! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post! I thought it would be cool to share this awesome shoe with you guys. If you were interested in this shoe, make sure to check Amazon. It will be overpriced because it is a limited edition shoe, but we went on the Journeys website and found it for a better deal. All Sperry stores sent all their inventory back to the warehouse so make sure you check the websites listed above. Hope you all find it❀️


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