Workout Journey update!! 💪🏽

Hey beauties!!!! I decided to do a quick workout update!

I’ve definitely noticed a change in my body and so did my husband (: ! No, I didn’t notice a change in my weight, but that’s ok because once I notice a change in my body in my eyes, I could care less about my weight. 😊

As far as my energy, I’ve had so much energy and I actually now don’t mind running after my toddler now (: ! 

So my workout that I’ve been doing is in the morning I do a few yoga and breathing excercises which takes about 5 minutes. I definitely hate skipping out this part of my day because I noticed a big difference in my patience level and I have a positive outlook for the day now. Not that I didn’t before, but it’s just something different. 😊!

After I put my little one down for the night, I do a 20 minute full body workout and it definitely kicks my ass, but it helps me sleep so much better. I do this every night…ok I try to. Lol. I try to at least do this 5 times a week, but sometimes I’m running around folding laundry or cleaning up. 😬

Anyways you guys, hope everyone has a great day and I hope you guys are enjoying my updates. It’s never to late to start practicing a healthier lifestyle ❤️

In the comments below, let me know one of the routines you do to start your day (: 


12 thoughts on “Workout Journey update!! 💪🏽

    1. Awwwww congratulations!!!! (: yes, working out is still possible even with a little one. I just basically searched around YouTube and found workouts that work the whole body out. It’s a high paced workout, but so worth it (:

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      1. That’s a good idea I’m looking forward to next month when I can jog early morning I swear I’m not getting much results working out at home anymore 😩 best of luck to you 🍀


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