Urban Decay: Alice Through The Looking Glass Review & Swatch!!

Hey Beauties!! Happy Friday! ❤️❤️

Well, let’s get right into this review!! 😀

So, starting with the packaging. The box that the palette comes in as well as the actual palette has the same design. It’s definitely gorgeous and so colorful and fun.

When you open the palette, you see a quote:

“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”

And then you see a cool looking mirror with the words “We’re all mad here.”

When you open the two black flaps, a 3-D butterfly pops out!! It definitely has a whimsical background and so gorgeous.

When you look at the part that holds the actual shadows, you will see another quote:

“I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then.”

Here goes an overview of the palette as well:

If that wasn’t a gorgeous palette already, wait until you see these shadows!!!! Such gorgeous colors. Both matte and shimmery. I can’t wait to create some looks with this gorgeous palette.

Also, this palette does come with a dual ended brush. One side is a flat eyelid brush and the other side is a crease brush. My opinion on the brush is as always, amazing quality just like all the other brushes they make and the brush picks up just the right amount of eyeshadow.

Now it’s time for the swatches 😀😀:

I’m more tan, so “Reflection” didn’t show up on me. I also will have to say, some eyeshadows looked different when I swatched it then in the palette. Definitely take a trip to your nearest Sephora or Ulta and swatch this palette as the colors might show up differently on all of us.

All in all, I definitely can’t wait to use this palette. One downside to this palette is that the full palette is cardboard, so it is more cheaply made, but the details of the palette are to die for. Definitely an elegant palette and it is limited edition.

Hope you all enjoyed this Review!!!!

In the comments below let me know what your favorite eyeshadow in this palette is! 😘


19 thoughts on “Urban Decay: Alice Through The Looking Glass Review & Swatch!!

    1. Get it, you definitely won’t regret it! Well, when I applied these shadows with my ELF brush it didn’t show up well. I went to a more sense brush which was from IT cosmetics and swatched twice for each color. I also used this palette on my eye and primer makes a big difference for me, so in my opinion it’s so worth it.

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  1. It’s such a shame the palette is cardboard, I feel as if UD are trying to cut costs a little bit lately! However, I still love their palettes and I’ll still never be able to decide which naked palette I love the most 😰 thanks for the review!x

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      1. I LOVE the Naked 3 Palette, at first I found it so hard to work with because the colours on it are all quite similar, but once you find ones you like and ones that blend well it becomes your best friend! That and Naked 2 are my go-to’s for my everyday look! Naked 3 is also quite pigmented and the free primer samples you get with it are fab!

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      2. It’s definitely great! I feel good about my purchase (: ! Have you ever bought the full sized eye primer? It is amazing!!!!!! And lasts so long. The sin eyeshadow primer is great as an eyeshadow as well. 🙃

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      3. They’re amazing palettes, aren’t they! And yes yes yes! I bought it in Minor Sin at Christmas! I’ve genuinely had it five months and used it regularly and there’s still loads left! I’ve never used a better eye primer, and the shimmer on it is amazing! Which full size one did you end up buying? 😁

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      4. I went plain And boring and bought the original lol! I also am obsessed with the ELF brand primer as well! I take that in my makeup bag when I go on vacation and stuff just in case it gets stolen. It won’t be much $ to replace


  2. First of all, LOVE the packaging, so far Cake, Metamorphosis and Royal Flush has to be my favorite. I really love the shades, Great Review, I really love the presentation. I’m sold on buying one now!!!😍😍😍❤

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    1. That’s 3 awesome shades! $60 is pretty pricy, but let’s face it. They have gorgeous colors and it’s a limited edition palette so we’re gonna all regret not buying it when it goes away lol! Thank you so much and let me know how you like yours ❤️


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