Beauty blogger tag

Hey beauties!! 

I was tagged by @Beautyandtidbits. Well, I was actually reading her blog and came across it.

I love blogger tags because it’s an awesome way to meet new bloggers and it’s just really fun! 

Here’s the rules:

  1. Mention who you were tagged by
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Tag 10 people to answer the questions

10 Facts about me:

  1. I’m half Trinidadian and half Pakistani.
  2. When doing my makeup, I love to focus more on my eye makeup.
  3. I have a daughter that just turned 1 on April 30.
  4. My first job was at Winn-Dixie and I absolutely hated it.
  5. I love traveling to new places.
  6. My favorite makeup brand is IT Cosmetics.
  7. My favorite YouTuber is DulceCandy.
  8. I find cleaning therapeutic.
  9. I love my milk with ice. 
  10. Pearls are one of my obsessions. 

I would like to tag anyone that is reading this because I’d love to see all the different fun facts about you guys. 🙃


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