Coconut oil hair mask!!!

Good morning beauties!!

I’m up early because my teething daughter was a little fussy. She went from 4 teeth to 8 teeth in a little less than a month.😕 I could only imagine her pain. Her smile looks even more cute now though hehe. But anyways, I’m up early and she went back to sleep so I decided to do a coconut oil mask!

I used to do this 1-2 times a week because I have dry, wavy hair. It definitely seemed to help and I’m a sucker for coconut oil!! 

Basically what I do is put it on dry hair from root to tip and put it up in a bun. I usually leave it on for an hour or so because I lose track of time. (You could definitely leave it on for less time.) And I’ll wash it out afterwards. 

The results are definitely much smoother hair and easier to style!!! 

I must admit, part of the dry hair is because I am due for a trim, but I’m not to sure what style I’m going for!!

Any suggestions? Comment below with links of pictures or ideas!! 




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