Eye look Featuring “Anself Palette” 

Good morning Beauties and Happy Thursday!! Today I finally got around to the requested eye look using the Answlf Palette that I reviewed! I did have a review on this palette so make sure to check out my previous posts. I used three colors in this palette to achieve this look. Since this palette is … Continue reading Eye look Featuring “Anself Palette” 


Happy Earth Day! 

   Let's all try to help the Earth as much as the Earth has helped us! 

Just R.E.L.A.X

Hey Beauties!! Happy Friday to all of you! Hopefully this week flew by fast.  Since its Friday, I thought I'd share some awesome finds for when you're just in the mood to pop on a face mask and treat your skin. We all work hard and we all deserve to have a few minutes to … Continue reading Just R.E.L.A.X

What’s in my purse?! 👜

Hey Beauties!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!  I just finished my night routine and I decided to just tidy up the room a little as well as my baby bag and purse. I figured it was time to clean all the receipts and junk that has accumulated in that bag of mine. 😂 … Continue reading What’s in my purse?! 👜

Coconut oil hair mask!!!

Good morning beauties!! I'm up early because my teething daughter was a little fussy. She went from 4 teeth to 8 teeth in a little less than a month.😕 I could only imagine her pain. Her smile looks even more cute now though hehe. But anyways, I'm up early and she went back to sleep … Continue reading Coconut oil hair mask!!!

Alert: Current Mascara Obsession 

   Hey Beauties!! Today I decided to share with you an awesome mascara! This past weekend I was looking through some of my mascaras and came across the Urban Decay's Perversion mascara! Like any girl would, I took it out and put it on! It was then that I fell in love😍!  Anyone that knows … Continue reading Alert: Current Mascara Obsession 

Workout Journey Update!!!

Hey Beauties! Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening! Just a little update on my workout journey! I cut down on eating out and definitely cut down on processed foods! I do sneak in an Oreo here or there 🙊 but I do it in moderation. I've been loving to make smoothies in the morning … Continue reading Workout Journey Update!!!