Anself Eyeshadow Palette Review

Good evening Beauties!!

Happy Saturday. I hope you all are enjoying your day off. 

I’m back again with another review. This eyeshadow palette was purchased on Amazon. It was a total of $5.22 including shipping. I figured since I was venturing out to different brands with makeup brushes, I’d give some eyeshadow palettes a try! 

The packaging is sleek and simple. It’s all black with “Anself” written on the front. The palette came in excellent condition! 😀 No broken eyeshadows are always a plus.

I swatched each color and the pigmentation was not bad for the price. I personally always use an eyeshadow primer, so I wouldn’t have a problem. If you purchase this palette I would definitely recommend an eyeshadow primer. It’ll give the eyeshadows a more rich color. 

Like all palettes, I loved some colors and didn’t care for others. I do believe I’ll be using this palette a lot though as there are a lot of neutral colors that would be great for blending other colors out.


Row 1 swatches (left to right) 👇🏽  
 Row 2 swatches (left to right) 👇🏽 
Row 3 swatches (left to right) 👇🏽


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