Kingmas Oval Makeup Brush Review

Hey there Beauties!!

I’m back with another review!! I received my Kingmas Oval Makeup Brush. If you’ve seen the weird, but cool oval makeup brushes that resemble spoons then this is basically a dupe. They do come in different sizes, but this is the one I chose. 

I paid $5 for this on Amazon and I wasn’t expecting anything great, but I have to say the overall hairs of the brush and so soft and dense just like the other set of brushes I’ve purchased! 

I’m not very big on having higher named products because there are always dupes that are just about the same, but some products I have to get because of the quality difference. 

I honestly don’t like the look of the handle of the brush because of the color. I absolutely love the Artis silver awesome handles, but hey, once the quality of the hairs are awesome then I can’t complain. 

It definitely picks up a good amount of products and it doesn’t leave my foundation looking streaky! Great coverage and doesn’t suck up my foundation! 

You guys should definitely purchase this product. It came with free shipping and didn’t take ridiculously long. I believe it only took 3 days which is awesome. 😊

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tried this brush. I’d love to hear your feedback! 



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