BS-MALL brush set Review!

Good afternoon Beauties!!

This evening I’m back with a review on these BS-Mall brush set in black and gold!! I did a little online shopping on Amazon this past weekend and I decided to try out some new brush set. As you all know I’m OBSESSED with the IT brushes and I did say I’d be open to brush reccomendations. This set was one that was recommended. So here we go with the review!! 🙃

This particular set comes with 10 brushes!! There are supposed to be 9 face brushes and 1 eye brush. I will probably use some of the face brushes for eyeshadow and see what works for me. The color I chose was the black and gold brushes because I don’t have any brushes with gold in it. They are synthetic brushes. 

When I opened the package, I did notice a strong smell of paint. I read on the little paper that was sent along with the brushes the solution was to wash the brushes. I thought I’d just take them out of the package and let them sit on my dresser for a couple minutes and it sure did the trick. The softness of the brushes are AMAZING as well as the density of the brushes which is definitely a plus in my opinion. I haven’t tried out the brushes yet, but I will be doing another review after I’ve given them a try. 

The overall look of the brushes are very sleek and the gold adds a beautiful touch. I love the fact that the hairs of the brushes aren’t all one color. They are dark brown on the bottom and white at the top. Each of the bigger brushes have the “BS-MALL” as well as the type of brush they are on each. The smaller brushes are just plain with no text on it. 

The package the brushes come in tells you what you can use each brush for. If you’re a beginner just venturing into makeup, this would be an awesome set to try out. Even if you’re not new to makeup and just want to get a new set of brushes this would be an awesome choice. 

I’m definitely excited to try this set out. If you guys would like to check them out, they do have a Facebook page as well as an Instagram.

*Disclaimer: I paid for this product with my own money. I was not paid for this review nor did I get asked to do this review.*

In the comments, let me know if you’ve ever tried this set and your opinions on it. 





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