Beauty Blogger Tag!! 

Hey Beauties!! I was nominated by Glamorous_etoiles to answer these questions. Thank you so much for keeping me in mind.❤️ So basically how it works: You get nominated by a blogger. Mention you were nominated, and by who. Answer the 10 questions. Nominate 10 Bloggers to do this What is the one makeup product you … Continue reading Beauty Blogger Tag!! 


Workout Journey!

Good evening Beauties!! Today I'm back with a post that's a little different, but it still has to do with beauty. Makeup can definitely mask imperfections, but if you don't feel good on the inside it won't show on the outside. A healthy lifestyle is the way to go. I have been off and on … Continue reading Workout Journey!

Anself Eyeshadow Palette Review

Good evening Beauties!! Happy Saturday. I hope you all are enjoying your day off.  I'm back again with another review. This eyeshadow palette was purchased on Amazon. It was a total of $5.22 including shipping. I figured since I was venturing out to different brands with makeup brushes, I'd give some eyeshadow palettes a try!  … Continue reading Anself Eyeshadow Palette Review

Kingmas Oval Makeup Brush Review

Hey there Beauties!! I'm back with another review!! I received my Kingmas Oval Makeup Brush. If you've seen the weird, but cool oval makeup brushes that resemble spoons then this is basically a dupe. They do come in different sizes, but this is the one I chose.  I paid $5 for this on Amazon and … Continue reading Kingmas Oval Makeup Brush Review

Mommy/Daughter day!!

Hey beauties!! Hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday! So today my little princess and I had an "us" day. We woke up at 7 and had scrambled eggs and toast. Then we took a nice stroll. I live in Florida so the weather was PERFECT, the wind was just right (not to hot or … Continue reading Mommy/Daughter day!!

BS-MALL brush set Review!

Good afternoon Beauties!! This evening I'm back with a review on these BS-Mall brush set in black and gold!! I did a little online shopping on Amazon this past weekend and I decided to try out some new brush set. As you all know I'm OBSESSED with the IT brushes and I did say I'd … Continue reading BS-MALL brush set Review!